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Aug. 8, 2008 at 4:31am

RR's Tacoma Files: Meet Joe La Sac

Like Daniel Blue's Volcano Tacoma Files only without Hipsters

PHOTO: Joe La Sac, (Like Daniel Blue's Volcano Tacoma Files only without Hipsters)

Meet Joe La Sac.  He's a guy just like you or me, only he uses a video camera to try an make sense out of the world.  Joe is a videographer, though he doesn't film weddings or airshows.  No sir,   He's into 'being real'  as in filming unpleasant things happening right now... things that happen while you're sleeping...  while you're all cozy watching the TEE VEE.  

Remember When This Happened?

Joe is a pretty unpopular guy.   Why?  Some folks don't like it when makes videos like this. 

Somebody is always trying to Steal Joe's Camera  

in the video above, the police man who stole away Joe's video camera was investigated by internal affairs, the result being the policeman sending a letter of apology to Joe.  I bet that was a hard one to swallow for our friendly neighborhood police man.   I thought it was funny so I drew a cartoon about it (my second tacomic!). TPD vs Video Camera

Well Joe, your friend and mine, has been arrested this time for criminal trespassing.   Is he a dangerous cat burglar?  A Jewel thief caught in the act?  Nope!  He was only video taping another protest... only this time he stood on an empty parking lot.    BUSTED!!! cop lights

You can protest on the sidewalk. That's public property.  But the cops can do things to try and get you off that sidewalk as above.  Those bright lights are pretty unpleasant to be around.   kinda makes you wanna take a step back

joe again Hey there's joe again!  Hey is that a private parking lot?    Hard to tell what's happening in the dark


Hey. Betcha you asking... I don't want any trouble.  This is all the FED's deal.  What has little ol' Tacoma have to do with any of this?    I remember those scruffy anarchists showed up in city council cambers... I believe it was a citizens forum...

ah yes..   I have a photographic memory you know.    I remember the City Council Team shrugging their shoulders... I believe it was Julie Anderson who poked her microphone button and said flat out.  "Hey that's a federal deal. We have nothing... no control over that operation."   


If the Tacoma City Council has no control over the ICE detention facility, why did they bother to authorize it to be expanded TWICE!  The same facility that is now generating reports of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES.  

Hey Julie Anderson,  maybe next time when that outsourced homeland-security prison out on the tide flats asks the council's permission to expand operations...  you folks could say 'no fucking thanks'  ?     

Be like Joe;  Once in your life, take a god damn stand!

prisoner abuse

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by dawntown on 8/8/2008 @ 8:54am
Nice work.

Id have to say, that's my favorite Tacomic

by marumaruyopparai on 8/8/2008 @ 11:43am
I like how the Tacoma police waited for for the major news organizations to depart the scene prior to closing in on the Port Militarization Effort protesters and arresting poor Joe. Don't want any negative P.R. in the 'ol mainstream media, good thinking gentlemen. Still, it's too bad the tasering didn't make primetime, I'm sure viewers at home would feel safer at night knowing the Tacoma Police are out there randomly tasering crazy liberal anti-war proponents, go Tacoma! That Joe is a damn handsome man, hope they took it easy on him in the clink.


by NineInchNachos on 8/8/2008 @ 6:38pm
I like the silk scarf from the night of the protest picture he's wearing. He's like the guy from scooby doo or wes anderson. Anyhow its good to see him getting some fan love. Thanks Maru

by Rue on 8/8/2008 @ 7:26pm
Finally a place for the rest of us. Thank you Joe and thank you RR!

by marumaruyopparai on 8/8/2008 @ 9:43pm
Hmmm. . .sharp eye Mr. Anderson, I wouldn't have noticed that scarf had you not pointed it out. Flashy jacket too. He'd look pretty dashing with a blue wide-collar disco shirt, white pull over sweater, bell-bottom slacks and an orange ascot. . .and a great dane.

by NineInchNachos on 8/9/2008 @ 12:17am
and now the stunning conclusion of Joe La Sac vs. CRIMINAL JUSTICE!

"According to PMR sources, Tacoma police arrested La Sac after taking the unusual step of contacting business owners in the Port of Tacoma about making trespassing arrests, which normally occur only when a property owner complains."


part 2


by marumaruyopparai on 8/9/2008 @ 4:35pm
I eagerly await the results of Mr. La Sac's trial, I have lots of questions. Are major news organizations afforded some special immunity that the little guy is not? Was he TARGETED because he represents fringe media? This seems like the kind of infraction that could have easily been brought to the attention of the videographer (who presumably wasn't doing anything other than filming what was going on) in the form of a warning and/or ultimatum instead of just arresting him outright. So with the strange circumstance of contacting business owner directly it seems like they really wanted to arrest somebody. The message I glean is "don't film us roughing up and tasering protesters or we'll arrest you for. . .uh. . .something."

by NineInchNachos on 8/9/2008 @ 5:46pm
unlike Seattle cops who have a reputation for shooting unarmed black youth, Tacoma cops have a reputation for being very good riot cops which has furnished the department with alot of extra contract work in other cities... olympia.... seattle...

they act nice for the networks. no sense upsetting the folks at home watching local news waiting for leno to come on..

so they wait till network vans go home before cracking down on the wide eyed youth. only so much over time.. ya know

by penelope on 9/1/2008 @ 9:54pm
joe was just arrested in the twin cities.


by NineInchNachos on 9/1/2008 @ 10:00pm
if this is some one's sick joke then I am just as much a vict--oh wait....

Poor Joe somebody always trying to take away his camera.

by NineInchNachos on 9/1/2008 @ 11:20pm
made it on boing boing !


by NineInchNachos on 9/4/2008 @ 1:59pm
Joe La Sac update!


by NineInchNachos on 9/5/2008 @ 10:55am
Joe La Sac tells the story of police torture!



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