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Mar. 4, 2008 at 6:32pm


March 4 Citizen Forum

Author's Statement of Purpose: My goal is to get more people to be interested in the community forum on TV Tacoma. I want folks to be able to recognize people on the street and have compassion for the engine driving them.

I will forge new connections to people orphaned by civilization.

Tacoma Listserve Czar Amy McBride


Phyllis of DiscoverTacoma.com

"Take home police cars are destroying america."

Walk Tacoma Couple

"we wont stop until we see the military transport vessels gone for good"

Fix the Dock, US Asphalt Guy

"Fix the dock!"

What happened to The Feed?

"Who killed the homeless feed under the bridge?"

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ministries

"We need to bring back the feed"

Mr. Robert "The Traveller" Hill

"FDR killed the gold standard!"  RR Commentary: he is wearing a motherfucking toaster cozy on his motherfucking head.

"Oh Lord" I Have A Lump Woman

RR Commentary: Get thee a biopsy lady! 

Lonely University Place Guy

"It's my birthday. My new cell phone has a camera I was hoping I could--" to which the mayor replies: "You're out of order, please sit down. I'm sorry"

RR Commentary:  Happy birthday sir! I like the new haircut.

The True Cost of Pull Tabs Lady

"The cost of pulltabs these days are outrageous!"

Guy that Looks like Devil

"I'm living in Browns Point"

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by Erik on 3/4/2008 @ 7:40pm
Nice documentary work.

by jenyum on 3/4/2008 @ 7:47pm
Awesome. Truly.

by thriceallamerican on 3/5/2008 @ 9:07am
Totally just saw The Traveller walking across the crosswalk at 9th and Tacoma Ave while biking in to work. Awesome start to my day.

by droid116 on 3/5/2008 @ 10:05am
Great stuff.

by NineInchNachos on 3/5/2008 @ 11:45am
Jamie, Does the Traveller walk around in character? Did he have the handcuffed aluminum briefcase?

by thriceallamerican on 3/5/2008 @ 11:59am
Huh, I guess I didn't look closely enough to see if there was any handcuff action. He was wearing a bucket cap, true to usual form (but not the tea cozy from above). I do think he might have been carrying a briefcase, so I guess maybe... If my brain were working faster at that point in the morning, I would have tried to get his attention. Next time, I guess!

by NineInchNachos on 3/5/2008 @ 12:11pm
was he lugging the case? I think it is filled with gold.

by Erik on 3/5/2008 @ 12:17pm

Is that before or after she counts you?

by NineInchNachos on 3/5/2008 @ 12:20pm
I'm freelance

by thriceallamerican on 3/5/2008 @ 12:21pm
Gold? No way, it's totally Marcellus Wallace's soul...

by Erik on 3/5/2008 @ 1:17pm
Its nice to see such interest in civic affairs. One version on Exit 133 and then one by RR Anderson, though RR appears to limit himself exclusively to the public comment period.

The amazing thing is to watch the skill in which the University Place guy finds every possible avenue to give public comment.

For instance, when the council makes a motion to amend an ordinance, there is technically an additional public comment period required and the UP gentleman is quick to pop up and give the council another comment on the amendment using all of his newly found available time.

He also is likely the most dedicated as he shows up at study sessions and comments there as well.

by NineInchNachos on 3/5/2008 @ 2:32pm
Why does UP do it? What is his story? I'm waiting for the Todd Matthews article.

by NineInchNachos on 3/5/2008 @ 3:40pm
post made the trib!


by Jake on 3/5/2008 @ 4:53pm
UP man used to live in Tacoma.. he just can't let go.

by NineInchNachos on 3/5/2008 @ 4:57pm
fascinating. you know I bet This American Life could do a whole show on your citizen forum speakers .

by NineInchNachos on 3/7/2008 @ 4:57pm

prompted by the gentlemen upset by the disappearance of the homeless feed under I-705 bridge I emailed the city for more information... I too wanted to know where it had gone as I thought it was a pretty nice thing to do for homeless people.

here is what I got...

"The City of Tacoma will be closing the Friday and Saturday night feeds
under I-705 beginning Friday, February 8. This is due to disruptive
behavior that has increased over the past year, with a large fight on
Saturday, January 26. Also, neither feed has had a permit for over a

On January 26, security for the Feed reported a fight involving at least
eight males which escalated to over 15 persons. Security also reported
that at least two of the males had guns. Nine police units responded to
people running from the Feed location. The fight had begun at the Link
station at S 25th and A. The victim went to the Feed and the
perpetrator followed, with the fight escalating. We would appreciate
you passing the word to your clients that the Friday and Saturday night
feeds will not be operating. Thank you.

Debbie Bergthold, Supervisor
Human Services Planning & Contracting

by NineInchNachos on 3/7/2008 @ 5:07pm
from the news tribune Feb 6.. homeless feed

by Erik on 3/7/2008 @ 5:12pm
I read the report too. Madd Maxx mayhem. It's hard to believe groups like this are just wandering around.

by jcbetty on 3/7/2008 @ 9:01pm
umm.. wow. sad and heavy stuff. Even still: Totally non-feed related -WOO HOOOOOO!!! You rated a "hilarious" from the trib!!!


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