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Apr. 23, 2009 at 1:20am

TV Tacoma All-Stars: Harold LeMay's Ghost in the Machine

Live Blogging Public Hearing SPECIAL EDITION

Author's Statement of Purpose: My goal is to get more people to be interested in the PUBLIC COMMENT + COMMUNITY FORUM on TV Tacoma. I want folks to recognize our civic speakers on the street and have compassion for the thundering engine driving them. "I will forge new connections to people orphaned by civilization." - RR Anderson

* * *

Crystal Judson (Brame) Domestic Violence Lady

"Thank you Mr. Mayor"

Mr. Blue Eyes

[audible blinking noise]

Urban Forrest Woman

"Hi, I am the Lorax I speak for the Trees. "

MLKHD All the Way

"Just wanna say thanks for helping us help the homeless."

Bridge Engineer

"We build you good bridge. Very good bridge."

Captain Fakebake

"Have you seen American Psycho with Christian Bale? Man that's a good movie."

* * * INTERMISSION * * *

City Stooge

"We'll loan our section 108 HUD block grant money to the LeMay Museum at a 2% interest rate and they have 7 years to pay back the money. They say they will pay it back earlier than that however.  They're putting the core collection of the LeMay cars up for collateral. Also the parking lot we're giving them is collateral too. We really cant think of anything better to spend our precious HUD money on, let me tell you."

I Salute You

"God Bless you.  This museum will really turn things around. We spend all this money helping Russell Investments, but what have we done to help LeMay's mildewy old cars? I salute you."

Eyebrow & Mustache Power Combo

"This is the best thing to happen to tacoma in 100 years. Harold is looking down from heaven right now thanking god in heaven his beloved collection will stay together. I knew Harold. He didn't start seriously collecting till he attended an auction for an estate sale of a big time car collector who died.  Everybody kept saying as they fought over pathetic scraps of the dead man's legacy how sad it was that the collection couldn't stay together.  Harold told me he wouldn't let that happen to his collection... That's when he hatched the Museum scheme. He didn't want his massive collection of cars to be a burden on his wife and kids. Specially in these hard economic times."

RR Commentary: There's probably no afterlife. Old Man Harold isn't smiling at anything this stage in his life cycle.

General Contractor Union Stooge

"Oh man, builders are hurting these days.  Nobody's building any more condos! Nobody's building Jack Squat.  My people are sucking air.  How about you toss us a... dare I say bailout?"

Building Special Interest Group Stooge

"this will never happen again. I urge your vicksiperouszkuii get r dun.... NICEEEE LAAAAAADYYYY"

Retailer Special Interest Group Stooge

"This is tacoma's chance to set yourself apart. Act as an anchor for other businesses. Truly unique will bring more businesses.  Nothing else for people to do or see! the economy needs all the help it can get. 100 fold for years to come."

RR Commentary: cuz the Convention Center, Glass Museum, Art Museum and friggin' Washington State History Museum have peaked out  the spend-happy supply of tourists.  Maybe we'd still have the UPS Store if only we had this one more Museum.   Tourists are bored of glass bongs and Indian Blankets already?  The're going to sit in I-5 traffic in a sea of cars to come look at more cars?

Are you People Insane?

"I question the location of the LeMay Museum.  They want to make money off a paid parking garage that will sit across from a free parking garage (tacoma dome station). I would like to see the TNT run the numbers on this one. Sure this car museum will be the best thing since the rail head. But A Museum butted against a freeway AND railroad tracks? How do they plan to expand? This is a bad location for a Museum. And my god the collateral is a parking lot we already own! Come on people...  wake up!"

Give Us Money, Do Not Ask Questions, LeMay CEO 

"There will be no feasibility studies.  If we did one they would say things are not feasible. Why? This is not a feasible project. A feasibility consultant would raise questions about us not having a plan. Raise questions about not having funding...  etc.  HUD Loans and Tax Credits will make this possible. All you need to do is believe.  Everyone please if you believe LeMay... clap your hands...  clap your hands  if you believe!!!  JUST BELIEVE IN US!!!  Don't listen to the naysayers! the skeptics!!  the realists!!  BELIEVE IN MAGIC!!!!!!!!"

RR Commentary: in these dark troubled times, perhaps CEO's should be running more feasibility studies as apposed to less feasibility studies.  This heap of obsolete vehicles will not solve any of Tacoma's problems.  This is no UW Tacoma we're talking about.  It's a friggin' permanent CAR SHOW minus the bikini clad car models.  

Rainbow Bridge of Cars

"Glass Museum?  BLAH.  Hey! Tacoma has a car museum! Lets go to Tacoma!  I believe this car museum will solve all our problems.  I'm tired of Seattle getting all the attention. We cant steal the Space Needle, but hey! we stole the Kalakala!  CARS and THE KALAKALA will really save Tacoma from financial ruin!"

RR Commentary: Tacoma gets the Kalakala.  yeah.

Tacoma Dome District Fan

"blah blah blah  helps the Dome District."

Lonely University Place Guy

"We're standing before the greatest museum in all time. Any LeMay children here?  Please stand up.  OK. I have a video of LeMay's last ride of Nancy and Harold together riding in the daffodil parade.  Was the last time they were seen together in Tacoma. LeMay Museum asked me to give them a copy of the video... which I will do.  It is a pleasure the LeMay Museum will become a focus. That one man can do a tremendous event that will come to the city of Tacoma."

RR Commentary: Saw you at this years Daffodil parade.  You were so happy.  Knowing you're out there doin your thing makes me happy. 

Foss Waterway Development Stooge

"LeMay diversifies Tacoma's tax base.  For example the tug jamboree which brings in national sponsors folks!  NATIONAL SPONSORS!"

RR Commentary: say wa?

Captain Excitement

"A world class... art museum!  A world class... glass museum! A world class... history museum! A now a world class... car museum! LeMay is frosting on the cake. Collaboration between private entities and public government is a great thing!"

RR Commentary: Tacoma is just one big museum....  one big quiet... cavernous... expensive... look but don't touch  video camera surveillance, security guards making sure you don't smudge the windows la de da friggin' museum.  Man i'm sick of museums. 

A Car Collector

"It is a tragedy when car collectors die then their collection gets broken up and sold. We cant let that happen to Harold's cars."

RR Commentary: Is this a common fear of old white men... or just collectors ?

The Next Generation

"This is a great thing to hand down to the next generation for the next 100 years!"

RR Commentary: I watched a PBS special recently about how the puget sound is continuing to suffer tremendously the ravages of environment-subsidized industrial commerce.  That's a great 100+ year legacy as well.  A museum honoring the machines that destroyed our city is probably not something people are going to be all that jazzed about 100 years from now.   Rather I think it will just piss off the people of the future.  You ever wonder why they aren't coming to visit us in time machines?  It's because they think we're all assholes. 

Mike Lonergan, Executive Excellence Party

"We put at risk the bulk of our community block grant funds which are sorely needed for other city services, I just want to make sure we don't end up with a building, a bunch of cars and OUR OWN PARKING LOT BACK. What reassurance do we have that our money wont vaporize into failed dreams?"


"Can't get into the details here I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but we give our word as a gentleman that we'll pay back the money early!  We'll sell bricks and pavers... you'll see you'll have your money back lickedysplit... Just you gotta believe. BELIEVE!   BELIEVE!!!!!  I assure you also that the people of Tacoma will respond to our fundraising efforts."

LONERGAN: Thanks that's what I wanted to hear.


The purpose of Citizens' Forum is to assist the City Council in making policy decisions. Items of discussion will be limited to matters over which the City Council has jurisdiction and speaker's remarks are limited to up to three minutes per person. Arguments shall not be made in support of, or opposition to, any matter on this week's agenda. Each person may address the City Council one time only during this forum.

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by scout on 4/23/2009 @ 9:10am
If the Le May folksters will let me have some "quality time" in a Ferrari, I will volunteer to be a demo bunny out on the lot.

For everyone whose mind is racing toward images of human throngs (not thongs) running in horror from movie theaters, don't worry, I will wear a one-piece suit. For any (nay spelled sideways) naysayers, hush up! RR said these are "old white men." Nay Nay

by scout on 4/23/2009 @ 9:13am
Besides, I lift weights and can probably kick their "old white men's" asses.....


by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 4/23/2009 @ 9:34am
Thanks, Scout. Finally come incentive for me to check out that museum when it opens.

by fredo on 4/23/2009 @ 9:58am
RR love your commentary.

by Erik on 4/23/2009 @ 11:55am
You ever wonder why they aren't coming to visit us in time machines?

Some of your best material in a while. Too funny.

by NineInchNachos on 4/23/2009 @ 12:11pm
Thanks guys. Had way to much to think last night.

by marumaruyopparai on 4/23/2009 @ 9:18pm
ha ha, he he, ho ho. . .ho

Favorite characters from this episode of TV Tacoma All-Stars: Definitely Mr. Blue Eyes and the 'I salute you guy,' those pics are priceless.

That article by the New Takhoman was pretty interesting too, he sure does love Mayor Baarsma.

And what in the hell is environment-subsidized industrial commerce? Are you talking about subsidized industrial commerce that's polluting the environment?

by Erik on 4/23/2009 @ 9:23pm
The salute must have been difficult to get. You must have taken a few shots at getting the shots as the salute was fast. Perhaps you download the entire public hearing.

Good material though as public comment is usually pretty void of action shots and they pretty priceless when you can capture them.

by NineInchNachos on 4/23/2009 @ 9:31pm
global industry + commerce is making a profit at the expense of the environment. It's the idea that the environment is subsidizing/eating the true cost of our high standard of living.

if you factored in the actual cost of the damage that business is doing to the environment the price of things would be astronomically higher.

When they build a 747 they don't calculate the cost of the run off into the puget sound of chemicals that poison the fish, poison our drinking water and kill orca populations.


by marumaruyopparai on 4/23/2009 @ 9:46pm

I recommend The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken, he talks alot about this notion of environment subsidized commerce and industry though I don't know the phenomenon is cast in those words. It's an older book from the 90's and new and better books by he and those who write about this problem have probably come out since but it's a good read and is written by someone who understands contemporary environmental issues and business very well. In the book he discusses his vision for a green economy modeled after real ecosystems such that all forms of waste are sources of energy or of some utility for something else and NOT poison for EVERYTHING. The notion of the environment bearing large portions of the cost of the production and manufacture of goods plays in heavily into his discussion of industry driven environmental degradation.

by NineInchNachos on 4/23/2009 @ 9:49pm
Thanks marumaruyopparai that sounds more like what I was trying to say. :)

by marumaruyopparai on 4/23/2009 @ 9:53pm
In a nutshell the problem as I see it is this notion that the future of humanity depends upon people spending and big business staying in a high profit margin and NOT on a healthy global ecosystem, it's an economic and cultural mental illness and I believe its destroying the global ecosystem sloooowly but surely.


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