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Aug. 5, 2008 at 6:30pm

TV Tacoma All-Stars: Return of Hill

(void where prohibited by law)

Author's Statement of Purpose: My goal is to get more people to be interested in the PUBLIC COMMENT + COMMUNITY FORUM on TV Tacoma. I want folks to recognize our civic speakers on the street and have compassion for the thundering engine driving them. "I will forge new connections to people orphaned by civilization." - RR Anderson

* * *

Waste water Conspiracy Pump Whistle Blower

"It's two mockeries of a sham what they're trying to get away with over at the pump station! Methane gas digester was never meant to work... 90% federally funded for construction... lets put it to good use... lets run city vehicles on the stuff. Thank you."

Jesse Hill

"I have offered my services to the city of tacoma to write a FOR statement on the Ladenburg amendment to the city charter abolishing term limits. I was rejected on a technicality!  I ask that you reconsider.  There is so far one person slated to write a FOR statement.  There are 13 people lined up to write the AGAINST statement... hardcore folks like Tom Stenger and Marty Campbell."

*  *  * INTERMISSION * * *

Connie Ladenburg, Champion 


Anti War Protester 1

"I was at the port protest the other night and the police levels were outrageous. The police were very aggressive with us. We have a right to protest!  Stop the war!"

Anti War Protester 2 (The Melon's Own Joe La Sac)

"Tacoma does not designate a protest area so there is a lot of confusion which leads to unsafe confrontations with the police. Other cities have clear communication with protesters and you don't see the violent police crackdowns.  Also a guy was tasered for no reason and now the police are charging him with a felony."

RR CommentaryRead more of  Mr. La Sac over at The Melon !

Anti War Protester 3

"It's true the police pick out a guy at random and tasered him as an example!"

Mike Lonergan, Champion

"Let me just say as somebody who has participated in civil rights marches well before you were born, that I know a thing or two about how these things work. The Tacoma Police Protest Unit gets called out to help Seattle all the time and that's proof of the quality service these fellows can deliver."

RR Commentary:  eh?

Phyllis Barret: DiscoverTacoma.com

"If left idling for 1 hr my car uses 1 gallon of gasoline. So in these hardscrabble times of high gas prices, why are police vehicles left idling in construction sites at tax payer expense?"

Man With Beard

"We've to do something about the number of arrests happening in council meetings. What's going on guys? Also blah blah blah.."

The Mayor Sez

"hmmm. yes everything you say is important and i'm listening to you. yes yes. oh yes."

RR Commentary: Get a room love birds!

Mr. State-Master Robert "The Traveller" Hill

"Good evening, I am Mr. Robert Hill, sometimes I'm The State Master Robert Hill. In my possession are various colored forms... red... blue... pink... green... all these forms are claims of damages against the city of Tacoma.  One of these forms deals with the Tacoma Policeman's statement about the state of my mental health of which he had NO LEGAL OR SCIENTIFIC GROUNDS FOR MAKING WHATSOEVER!! Further I propose a special video camera for myself that can detect the color of form I'm carrying... scan my fingerprint and say: 'ah there is Mr. Hill with another claim for the city clerk' [slams fist into podium]"

Freddy Mac Investment Bond Stooge

"Lonergan asked me to make a statement with respect to many of the city retirement funds being tied up with the Freddy Mac Mortgage Bank Collapse... hehe [nervous laughter] Not a problem!  Congress and the Bush Administration have just signed into law language which should make these investments more secure than they allready were!"

RR Commentary:  right, if you believe that I'm selling one of the narrows bridges at a huge discount!  It's yours for only 900 K !   Now that's an investment.

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by NineInchNachos on 8/5/2008 @ 7:58pm
Exit133 Rashomon Verison:


by NineInchNachos on 8/5/2008 @ 9:42pm


by marumaruyopparai on 8/6/2008 @ 2:04am
"The Traveller" is so @*#$ AWSOME!

by NineInchNachos on 8/6/2008 @ 7:56am
Indeed sir,
I know who i'm voting for sheriff!

remember the kid (as pictured above, cartooned below) who had his video camera taken away by the TPD? He's back in the news!

tpd vs. video

Joe La Sac Arrested for Criminal Trespassing!

by Altered Chords on 8/6/2008 @ 9:50am
Anti war protester #3.

C'mon RR. I saw that guy at an anti Vietnam war protest in Philadelphia in 1970.

I find it unethical of you to try to slip a nearly 40 year old photo into this an try to get us to believe its current.

by NineInchNachos on 8/6/2008 @ 9:52am
its the next generation mr. cords!

by Altered Chords on 8/7/2008 @ 1:24pm
The least he could do is wear a blue tooth or carry an iPod.


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