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Sep. 16, 2008 at 7:54pm

TV Tacoma All-Stars: University Place, Hill

More of the same

Author's Statement of Purpose: My goal is to get more people to be interested in the PUBLIC COMMENT + COMMUNITY FORUM on TV Tacoma. I want folks to recognize our civic speakers on the street and have compassion for the thundering engine driving them. "I will forge new connections to people orphaned by civilization." - RR Anderson

* * *

The Talbert, Champion

"Yes thank you Mr. Mayor I would like to thank the League for their amazing work to combat the evil forces of obesity in our fair city.  As a man struggling with--some would say--weight problem, I can attest to the powers of the dark seductress known as candy. Saddly this next generation of children is the first crop of kids with a lower life expectancy than their preddacessors, a first in america."

Anti-Obesity League of Puget Sound (AOLPS)

"Thank you Mr. Talbert. For year now the League has fought the dark forces of  candy, and her overlord the great satan of tee-vee and videogames. We will stop at nothing to prevent our children from becoming lethargic little fatties."

"I was over 400 pounds before my gastric bypass surgery. At that weight I had lost my will to continue. I'd given up hope.  Now I have a new outlook on life. We must fight obesity...  at any cost, by any means necessary. "

"Child Obesity is more of a threat to America, and will kill more Americans than any combination of terrorist attack. I'm not even fucking kidding."

[warm applause]

RR Commentary: Hey kids, take care of your heart. Eat right... get up off the damn couch, go outside... learn to build fires with pine sap... run... run far away.  Join a childrens' crusade, liberate the holy lands!

*  *  * INTERMISSION * * *

Lonely University Place Guy

"Mr. Mayor... distinguished council chairs, I am A. Douglas of University Place. I'm giving my full support to the nomination of Ladenberg to the [??] committee. She is a fine appointment.  Will do well.  Thank you. "

RR Commentary
: sorry I missed the name of Mrs. Ladenberg's new committee assignment. 

Jesse Hill for Pierce County Sheriff

"nepotism. dare I say it? Ladenburg should not be appointed to this committee. She already has eleven committee appointments. I would recommend Manthow, I find him to be an honorable person--plus he only has three committee appointments.  Three vs. Eleven. Think about it.  Is that fair? thank you."

RR Commentary
:  We're witnessing extremely lucent articulation from Mr. Hill this round. No funny hats or unusual behavior (not counting the patch clad/overalls mind you). The mayor expressed no frustrations.  Give my reguards to "The Traveller" sir.  

Connie Ladenburg, Champion

"Thank you. I look forward to serving the people of Tacoma."

Walker Hilltop Ranger, Champion

"inspirational text goes here"

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by morgan on 9/16/2008 @ 10:09pm
Uncanny. I thought he looked familiar.

by marumaruyopparai on 9/17/2008 @ 12:24am
@Morgan: Indeed, and if you go back to one of RR's earlier posts, you'll find that Hill's resemblance to Pink is complete down to even the shaved eyebrows.

by NineInchNachos on 9/17/2008 @ 8:58am
we don't need no education.

we don't need no thought control

by NineInchNachos on 9/17/2008 @ 9:58am
this is really a great exit133 service.

"Resolution 37594 Appoints Council Member Ladenburg to serve on the Law and Justice Community Oversight Subcommittee, despite an objection during the public comment."

that objection was our friend Mr. Hill, you know her husband is like running for Attorney General or something.



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