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Oct. 22, 2012 at 10:58pm

Fredonomics 101


OK, Fredo.

I'm REALLY tired of you doing nothing but criticizing taxes, government and other people on the Feed. So, I'm proposing to you a challenge.

The rules are simple. Give us your economic plan. Go into extreme details. Explain how it'll work, why it'll work and what the intended results will be. BUT! Here's the catch: it has to pencil out in the real world, not the topsy-turvy land of Fredopia. That means laws have to be obeyed, contracts upheld and things like unions have to be negotiated with. You can't willy-nilly do things like fire all unionized garbage truck drivers. You'd have to negotiate with them. You know, do things like real civil servants have to.

Ready to put your money where your mouth is?

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by NineInchNachos on 10/23/2012 @ 7:51am
remove minimum wage... steal underpants....  yadda yadda yadda...  PROFITS !!!! 

by cisserosmiley on 10/23/2012 @ 8:11am
I understand Fredo's economic theories to be extremely sound and WE often use them at a state and local level for budget management.  I want Fredo to address the long term social & cultural erosion that occurs when a community is not cohesive and does not invest in young people. He once made a comment about it being dumb to spend more on schools, but my friends have moved to Bellevue & Puyallup "for the schools" Imagine if people moved to Tacoma for schools :) (stop laughing) ? One thing would happen; your home values wouldn't be dipping into the sub-100k level all over Tacoma.

by The Jinxmedic on 10/23/2012 @ 8:48am
We moved from Tacoma to Everett "for the schools" over twenty years ago. That didn't work out so well, either.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/23/2012 @ 12:04pm
Oh, this could be GOOD.

by low bar on 10/23/2012 @ 4:07pm
It's not going to be good bc Fredo doesn't have the balls. 

by low bar on 10/23/2012 @ 7:55pm
What would the contents of Fredo's treasury look like?

Lets say only a fish bone is in Fredo's treasury.

How the f is fredo going to maintain a country?

What if fredopia comes under attack?

Will fredo have the financial network in place to defend his place of business with paying for an army while also having the time to manage and increase profits of his fredopian busniness while also supplying an army with only his bank and investment account??


The state we have is from years of conservative blunders. Reagan gutted the military and every body knows it. Regan gutted and deregulated the airline industry. Now everything sucks. Everything is always fine until some conservative comes along and sh!ts in everyone's cornflakes.

Why do they do that?????

by Non Sequitur on 10/23/2012 @ 9:19pm

Well, it's approximately 1 day after the proposition. Being an optimist, I'm holding hope that Fredo is currently preparing the data into spreadsheets for us.

Some may accuse me of trollin', which I have been known to do on occasion. However, I'm really interested in what Fredo has to say (for once).
After many moons of this, I want Fredo to lay out the grand plan. If the plan is bunk, I'll point it out. As will Low Bar. I'm reasonable though, and if Fredonomics actually pencil out, I will gladly admit to it.

Until then, I await the plan.

by low bar on 10/23/2012 @ 9:23pm
Oh this thread is going to get bumped till either Fredo puts up or forever shuts up on this forum.

That's fair.

by Non Sequitur on 10/23/2012 @ 9:38pm

I could honestly respect his Fredonomics plan (no matter how sound or stupid it might be) if it was
some very well-though-out and well-articulated scheme. I'm not looking for a new paradigm or
anything like that. I just want the resident armchair economist to present and explain his
plan. Sell it to me, Fredo. That's it!
I'm not asking for a precise line-item budget. I'm not asking for an Ayn Rand-type manifesto. Sell me the plan!

I agree, let's keep bumping this at least every 12 hours until we finally are given the blueprints to Fredonomics.

by low bar on 10/24/2012 @ 10:46am
The numbers are never going to add up. 

by Chris.Tacoma on 10/24/2012 @ 3:47pm
I'd be interested to see this as well.  The free market externalizes everything that it can't put a dollar value on.  All taxes are considered "losses," even though taxes are an economic exchange for either a societal good or service.  It's not like you don't get anything for them.  Pollution expelled by a company is also not internalized and is displaced instead as a societal cost.
Additionally, societal benefits from public goods and services are rarely quantified - but business relies on them being there to function - infrastructure, the rule of law, an educated workforce, etc.  It's frustrating to have a debate about anything whereby one person considers the other's benefits as costs and vice versa. There has to be a more holistic perspective to this.

by Chris.Tacoma on 10/24/2012 @ 6:18pm
I like this perspective when concerning financial matters:
"Canceling TV service and taking up the more productive hobby of reading library books is Frugal. Saving the same amount of money by voting down property tax funding for your local school system is Cheap."

by fredo on 10/24/2012 @ 7:24pm
I want to make sure I understand that.

If you vote down a property tax increase that would provide funding to the schools....that's CHEAP.

But if everyonce cancels their cable TV, and the sales tax revenue and property tax revenue provided by cable TV to fund the schools is reduced...that's FRUGAL.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/24/2012 @ 8:10pm

So something that everyone pays and generates a lot of tax $$$ going to schools is somehow the same as the much smaller amount of funds from a voluntary corporate-provided service that about 60% of people have.


by tacoma_1 on 10/24/2012 @ 8:20pm
I thought that was a little too convoluted and bizarre too. I assumed a typo or something since it made less sense than even normal for fredo. 

by fredo on 10/24/2012 @ 8:26pm

Your comparison of frugality and cheapness was convoluted and bizarre so I assumed you wanted a comment that was generally equivalent.

by tacoma_1 on 10/24/2012 @ 9:06pm
You surpassed all expectations in the realm of convoluted and bizarreness. 

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/31/2012 @ 12:36pm
9 days and I'm still waiting for the Grand Plan.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/31/2012 @ 12:40pm
I thought we all were going to bump this twice a day or something?

by fredo on 10/31/2012 @ 1:51pm
OK the day of reckoning has arrived.

Here's a brief outline of Fredonomics.

There's really no point in trying to go into "extreme detail" as requested. I'm really just articulationg some over-arching principles. Much of this could be applied in a macro sense to national or regional policy, but since this is feedtacoma I'm going to limit the discussion to local policy only.

1.The first thing our council would need to do to embrace fredonomics is to articulate CLEARLY what the goals of the city are.

2.These goals need to be listed in DESCENDING order from the most important goal to the least important goal.

3. Place a current price tag on each goal

4. Place a targeted price tag on each goal. (targeted pricing is the lowest possible price this service could be delivered for irrespective of prevailing wage or other considerations).

5. Using the current revenue estimates see how far you can go down the list using current price tags.

6. using the current revenue estimates see how far you could go down the list using targeted price tags.

7. Solicit public feedback: Ask the public if they would prefer to recieve the services  available under list 5 or under list 6.

8. Solicit public feedback. Ask the public if they would prefer to have the lesser services at targeted prices and get a tax refund or lowered tax rates.

9. Develop a set of tools designed to produce targeted prices for city services.

10. If revenues decline, then stop providing the least important service

This would pretty much accomplish the important goals of Fredonomics, which is to provide the taxpayers with the important services they WANT at prices they can AFFORD.


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