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Oct. 24, 2008 at 12:01pm

Monsoon Room Backstory

While others reported on the abrupt closure of Hilltop's Monsoon Room a few weeks back, little has been revealed since. Until now.

Rumor has it that a non-profit housing developer, MLK Housing Authority, had been aggressively pursuing both the Monsoon Room building and the adjacent forever-vacant brick building on South 11th for years. They are working on a redevelopment project that will take up nearly an entire city block. 

Does this mean a new location for a reborn Monsoon Room? My sources say, "Maybe." (stupid 8-ball!)

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by Erik on 10/24/2008 @ 3:42pm
MLK looking to buy building + Monsoon Room closed = high probability of MLK buying.

Your a broker Morgan. We need to get the Monsoon Room a new home!

by intacoma on 10/24/2008 @ 4:34pm

by morgan on 10/24/2008 @ 7:19pm
I would be happy to!

by Chase on 10/24/2008 @ 9:37pm
Wow...I am all for development, but lets embrace what we have. Monsoon was the culture and attraction that brought outside dollars and people into that neighborhood and had them leave with a positive experience.

What a mis-step.

by Rue on 11/10/2008 @ 9:41am
Sad update: the Liquor Control Board has confirmed that it has discontinued its liquor license for the Monsoon Room.

by Gypsy Lily on 1/10/2009 @ 7:00pm
The monsoon room was what the neighborhood needed and the housing authority is not. The monsoon room made mlk more desirable....fools.

by Jake on 1/10/2009 @ 7:27pm
Gypsy, it actually sounds like the Monsoon Room closing has nothing to do with MLK Housing Development Association (not housing authority). The owner of the building has said he plans to possibly open another bar where Monsoon Room was. It sounds like it may have been a landlord tenant issue. I am sure MLK HDA offered to buy the building. IMO based on value if I owned the building I would have sold it to MLK HDA. Now the owner is going to be stuck with a tiny one story building on a tiny lot surrounded by 5-7 story buildings limiting any future redevelopment and the value of the property.

oh and FYI: Jordan from Monsoon just got hired on at The Mix.

by intacoma on 1/10/2009 @ 7:31pm
He was also up at the tempest


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