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Aug. 28, 2008 at 9:52am

On the Rocks now Club Kokonut

This just in: a liquor license has been applied for by Club Kokonut to operate at 728 Pacific Avenue. The applicants name is Molly Lee. Rumors sees a trend happening but will hold off on commenting to see if the trend continues. Here's a hint: it may relate to the new owners of the Olympus Hotel.

In addition, the following notice is being posted on job website everywhere. This one is from CareerBuilder:
CLUB KOKONUT now hiring for all positions. Bartenders, waitstaff, cooks, bus people, hostess, etc.

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by Erik on 8/28/2008 @ 11:31am
You sure seem to have a lot of info Tacoma Rumors.

I have never heard of the Olympus connection. The sale has still not closed yet though.

by intacoma on 8/28/2008 @ 10:35pm
this should be interesting for sure... going to hold off on my thoughts on this

by Erik on 9/9/2008 @ 4:27pm
Ok Tacoma Rumors:

I took this picture of a renovation in progress on Pacific Avenue by the Harmon.

Can you identify what is going in?

by intacoma on 9/9/2008 @ 4:58pm
I heard on the rocks is working on a new space, could this be the new on the rocks?

by Erik on 9/9/2008 @ 5:52pm
I heard on the rocks is working on a new space, could this be the new on the rocks?

I don't think so. I always though that On the Rocks was simply becoming Club Kokonut.

by scout on 9/9/2008 @ 7:41pm
I agree - I think that the business was probably bought out.

by Rue on 9/9/2008 @ 7:50pm
Erik: Um, changing a light bulb? I give.

scout: You are correct. On the Rocks told Rumors that they got an offer they couldn't turn down. Not sure what that means. I've gotten many offers I should have turned down but didn't. They have not decided if they are going to open something else. It sounded like they were going to sit on it for a bit.

by Erik on 9/9/2008 @ 7:56pm
Erik: Um, changing a light bulb? I give.

More than that. This is the space that used to be the salon by Cutters Point.

The walls have been painted black and fancy light fixtures installed.

Also, check out the door behind the ladder.

by Daymaker on 9/9/2008 @ 9:23pm
I believe it could be the new home of Urban X???????????
Maybe it'll even have a frequent Embellish diddy like um a "Beauty Bar"?????

by Erik on 9/9/2008 @ 9:32pm
Thanks for the info Daymaker.

I actually liked the interior that was being developed.

It looked fancy goth. Like a scene from Interview with a Vampire.


by Rue on 10/15/2008 @ 11:09pm
Rumor has it that the On the Rocks club formerly at 728 Pacific Ave (where Kokonut is going in) will be re-opening at 5240 South Tacoma Way under the name "Club Fever." If the 5240 address rings a bell it's because it was formerly Club Vertigo, which was formerly formerly Steve's Gay '90s. So there you go.

by Jake on 10/24/2008 @ 1:17am
Driving by today I could have sworn I saw a red stop work order on the door. I wish someone had some more info on this place.

by Rue on 11/10/2008 @ 9:44am
Work does seem to have been stopped.

by Gypsy Lily on 1/10/2009 @ 6:56pm
I heard that On the rocks was leasing the former Drake

by Altered Chords on 3/26/2009 @ 2:17pm
It's almost April. Anyone know what's going on w/ this place? Seem to be many stools and tables in there now. I actually saw the postman putting mail in the mailslot.

Anyone know what type of club it will be?

by Erik on 3/26/2009 @ 2:24pm
Lots of activity.

They completed putting up signs there last week.

Downtown Scorecard:

Loss of Sea Grill

Gain of Club Kokonut

Go figure.


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