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Mar. 17, 2009 at 12:47pm

Wanted: Your opinion on Job Ads

Firms that don't indentify themselves

This is the slowest week yet out there for jobs, at least in my field.  Hopefully all those resumes I have out there are being looked at and processed somehow.  One good sign:  I see that an app of mine with the State received a 96.5 passing score and a status of "In Process", so there is hope yet!

Anyway, I saw an ad out there on Craigs List for which I feel pretty qualified.  However, I keep seeing red flags when I read it.  The main thing is that the company doesn't identify itself.  It also conveys kind of a snotty attitude.  One example: "Unless you meet these qualifications, please do not apply."  Many clues in the way it was written gave me the impression that an angry person wrote it; and beleive me, I have had way too much experience working for hostile people not to know the signs.  I am hesitant to put myself out there for unknown entities.

Do any of you have any experience in applying for unknown companies?  Or with jobs posted on Craigs List in general?  I'd love to hear your input--Thanks!

(Hey, maybe I should ask them if they need someone to write nicer ads!)



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by Shep on 3/19/2009 @ 9:05am
Wha--huh?? There were scads of comments here the other day. What happened to them?

by fredo on 3/19/2009 @ 9:22am
Shep, I think an identical posting was put up and that's where your comments are. Having said that I couldn't locate it.