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Mar. 27, 2008 at 3:36pm

I'm just bored

*procrastination content*

Just to vent:

I am feeling so distracted today.  I have shtuff to much shtuff, yet I sit here on the computer and go back and forth to the same websites over and over. 

I refresh the screen.

I post un-informative and boring comments on blogs.

I refresh the screen.

I just discovered "twittering", and it's very distracting.  (And no, it's not a form of masturbation.)

I'm letting my daughter run crazy through the house.  Unsupervised. Kinda.

Did I mention I have shtuff to do?

I ran errands, yet got nothing important accomplished.  I think I have spring fever.  I think I need a night out.  It's 3:39 on a Thursday and I'm craving a beer.  It's 3:39 on a Thursday and I'm typing a self-indulgent blog.

Ever have a day like this?

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by KevinFreitas on 3/27/2008 @ 4:55pm
My entire week's felt like this. All over the place but somehow I think I'm getting stuff done.

Oh, and Red Hot at 6pm tonight before the Izenman show. C'mon down!

Welcome to your shiny new FeedTacoma blog, btw. ;)

by izenmania on 3/27/2008 @ 5:01pm
I plan on starting to really accomplish things tomorrow...

by CA on 3/27/2008 @ 5:14pm
I'd say put on the Cougar game, but UNC is starting to pull away. Bastards......

by jcbetty on 3/27/2008 @ 6:18pm
Oh, hell. Had I known this, and been able to link to this, we coulda' been bored, so bored, together, thinking of all our sh(i)tuff, and the kids coulda gotten wiggles out with each other, unsupervised... And we coulda' begun drinking well early and gotten no sh(i)tuff done. ---BUT, I didn't read this, went & got our kid's ears pierced, and got nothing done. (welcome to feed -ing, DeR!!!!!)

by justagirl on 3/27/2008 @ 7:57pm
All. The. Time.

Random pondering: Does such participation in boredom activities many you look busy, or look sex-ehhhh!?!?!?

Told you it was random. Not meant to make sense. Maybe it will make someone twitch.

by jenyum on 3/27/2008 @ 9:11pm
The refreshing is a sickness. I have this, too. Worse, is refreshing your own website, knowing it to have no new content because there you are, refreshing, just to see how many people are online looking at your old content.

Right now I should turn the computer off but there are men on my couch, taking up all the space. The couch is for me, after 8:30 pm. Why do they not realize this?