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Aug. 15, 2011 at 9:10am

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

The Tacoma Daily Index's Web site is admittedly a clunky salute to late-1990s Web design, but I'm pleased to say we get a fair amount of traffic for a small newspaper. I find myself mildly addicted to the site's Google Analytics report -- specifically, searches people conduct on our Web site. We get the usual keyword searches ("Tacoma," "Downtown," "City Council," etc.). But a few other (and more interesting) searches perennially rise to the surface. For example, here are some of the more popular keyword searches over the past 30 days.

People really want to know more about Dorky's Arcade downtown ("dorky's arcade capacity," "dorky's arcade opened," "dorkys arcade hours," "dorky's tacoma daily index," "dorkys arcade in tacoma"). 

They want to know more about Jeff Smeed's bicycle ice cream operation ("bicycles for ice cream sales," "how much can a bicycle ice cream vender make in a day," "how much can an ice cream bike sell in a day," "how to make money wholesaling ice cream," "how to start ice cream bicycle," "time of day most ice cream sold," "selling ice cream on wheels," and "daily ice cream sales"). 

People also want to know what the heck is being built near the Tacoma Dome ("construction south of the tacoma dome?" "what are they building by the tacoma dome?" "what is new structure built near tacoma dome?" "new building under construction next to tacoma dome"). Hint: It's this! 

Finally, they want to know more about that accident they saw while out and about ("a traffic accident," "accident tacoma sunday," "i-5 rollover accident olympia august 3, 2011," "november 22 2010 pierce transit bus accident," "tacoma i-5 accident august 11, 2011," "tacoma portland avenue accident 07/25/11," "wsdot nw region accidents aug 11, 2011").

But the best part of the site's Web stats involves combing through the bizarre and random keyword searches: 

-- is it illegal to dump a cat in the woods?

-- how many straw bale homes in pierce county?

-- cat art museum

-- marilyn strickland terrible mayor

-- why i would be a great ice cream bike

-- lemay cat collection

-- does pierce college have forklift certification classes?

-- history of all taverns in tacoma

-- how idling effects police vehicles mileage

-- how to find meetings of detroit city council

-- hidden cameras for dumping on roadways

-- how can i get into the winthrop in pierce county?

-- as safe as the tacoma narrows bridge billboard

-- pictures of old buildings turned into mini storage

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by fredo on 8/15/2011 @ 10:04am
"But the best part of the site's Web stats involves combing through the bizarre and random keyword searches:"

Those were pretty funny, but at least one didn't surprise me in the slightest:

*marilyn strickland terrible mayor

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2011 @ 11:19am
is it legal to eat a cat you find in the woods ?


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