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Mar. 3, 2009 at 9:20am

New Chapter for Historic Joy Building

Photos and Design Illustrations

On Feb. 25, the City of Tacoma's Landmarks Preservation Commission approved design plans for the first two phases of a three-phase, $15 million renovation of the Russell T. Joy Building. I wrote an article about it last week.

The building, located at 1716-1730 Pacific Ave. and on the University of Washington Tacoma's downtown campus, was constructed in 1892 and is located within the Union Depot / Warehouse Historic District, which is listed on the Tacoma and National Registers of Historic Places. The building was once home to various wholesale and retail firms, but now sits vacant.

According to university officials, a renovation would help meet educational and faculty needs, and provide retail on the first floor which fronts Pacific Avenue. When completed in fall 2011, the building is expected to serve an additional 600 UWT students.

The print edition of the Feb. 27 TDI included current photographs of the building. Today, the newspaper features illustrations prepared by THA Architecture and submitted as part of the design review application.

One challenge of the Index's Web site is a limitation on the number of photos I can post with each story. It's one reason I folded this blog in with the Index's coverage (Thanks, Kevin!).

Here are some Joy Building photographs I shot last week:

An overhead view . . .

Looking south down the Commerce Street side . . .

Looking south down Pacific Avenue . . .

Here are the illustrations prepared by THA Architecture and included in the design review application:

Looking south down the Commerce Street side (note the new stairwell / elevator tower) . . .

Looking south down Pacific Avenue (a mix of retail and classroom space on street level) . . .

New classroom space . . .

Pacific Avenue facade (Joy Building in the middle) . . .

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by Erik on 3/3/2009 @ 12:49pm
Nice. Very cool. One of the few artistic renderings I have liked lately.


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