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Mar. 9, 2012 at 8:17am

Tacoma's Wal-Mart Problem Solved

(spotted on I-5 near Portland Avenue)

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by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 8:43am
HA! Go save Alburn Walmart!!! Do what the digital billboard says!!

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 8:47am
people who think walmart won't hurt the little businesses need to wake the fuck up

by cisserosmiley on 3/9/2012 @ 8:49am
Walmart is a truth teller...where's the controversy?

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 8:53am
look at the security on that digital billboard

by fredo on 3/9/2012 @ 8:53am
When Starbucks opens a new coffee stand they put little coffee stands out of business. I haven't heard any calls for banning Starbucks from opening more coffee stands.

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 8:54am
Sonics guy is all about the boycott starbucks. where have you been?

by fredo on 3/9/2012 @ 9:00am
When KFC opens a new chicken stand they put the local chicken stands out of business. I haven't heard any calls for banning KFC from opening more chicken stands.

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 9:01am
Why don't they go to Auburn where they will be loved? Corporations are people, don't people need love?

by cisserosmiley on 3/9/2012 @ 9:04am
There is no mom n pop chicken stands around here...did the colonel do that?

by fredo on 3/9/2012 @ 9:06am
We have a special problem here in Tacoma.

Apparently there are people moving here from Alaska taking all the good cartooning and daycare jobs from our locals. We must put a stop to this foolishness. Don't our local cartoonists and day care centers deserve some protection from this unfair onslaught?

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 9:11am superior chicken! now on 19th!

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 9:15am

Remember Tacoma Art Supply!


by fredo on 3/9/2012 @ 10:49am
Walmart made Tacoma Art Supply close it's doors? Could you explain that?

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 11:03am
the walmart state of mind... aka.. "The Conspiracy"

by cisserosmiley on 3/9/2012 @ 11:04am
The owners of EFC do not sound very mom & pop like
"...Stephens, in turn, accuses Rudd of losing $180,000 in a real-estate deal and a Tacoma expansion in which five stores failed; a West Seattle store also failed. (The expansion was part of a plan to take the operation nationwide against KFC and Popeyes.)"

by fredo on 3/9/2012 @ 11:06am
Cissero it's all part of RR's conspiracy theory.

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 11:19am
failure is part of the mom and pop's folksy charm

by JesseHillFan on 3/9/2012 @ 5:03pm
Here is what I just bought at Walmart (ordered it online).

It was pretty easy to assemble and I enjoy riding it.
Seems a lot lighter in weight than what's specified although that is likely the shipping weight.On the positive side everything works well and the kickstand is very well made although from the picture zoomed in it looks like it has a megarange cassette (you know the rear gears on the rear wheel) it doesn't which was a slight disappointment.It was only 28T and not 36T (number of gear teeth).No biggie though as that can be quickly changed.
Someone stated that it didn't have mounts for a rack but that wasn't true as it does.Seat adjustment is quick and easy and it rides pretty well.Good price and quick shipping.

by NineInchNachos on 3/9/2012 @ 5:13pm
bah you could have waited, saved some money!

by JesseHillFan on 3/9/2012 @ 6:02pm
Here is the electric kit that I am going to modify that new bike with.
Climbs steep hills like crazy with ease (no peddling either).They have much more powerful kits but I don't need those.Just this one (with a 500 watt motor) takes it to 31 mph (which I find too fast).
I am looking more for torque for hill climbing ability.Chain driven motors are noisier than near silent electric hub motor types however the great advantage is the variable torque with the gearing.My friend wants the dual 1200 watt motor system able to go 65 mph but I think that he is crazy as crashing at 65 mph on a bicycle is suicide.

Anyway I changed the kickstand for a very beefy dual legged one that can hold lots of weight.Though the original kickstand is very adequate left on if the bike isn't heavily modified with lots of added weight.
I am planning on later getting two 30 watt solar panels to recharge it by mounting them on the back above a rack.Each solar panel only weighs 5 pounds each though two panels will be about 2 feet by 3 feet which is fairly large.


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