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Oct. 22, 2010 at 3:00pm

Update: Dorky's Arcade

I spotted this sign outside Dorky's Arcade this week . . .

I like Dorky's Arcade probably a little more than I should. That 92K score left on the Dig Dug machine by "TOD" (#5 on the hi-score board) is proof enough. I will probably like it a little more once they start serving beer and wine. I'm guessing others will, too.

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by NineInchNachos on 10/22/2010 @ 3:15pm
I used to play dig dug via emulator on my old college computer. those were the days!

by Erik on 10/22/2010 @ 3:43pm
Nice. Go Dorky's.

By the way, they have an ice cream party tonight there.

by morgan on 10/22/2010 @ 3:46pm
Beer, video games, pin ball, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sounds good to me!

by Nick on 10/22/2010 @ 4:51pm
[extends arm, makes fist, pulls back]


by Dorky's on 10/22/2010 @ 4:57pm
mmm.... Beer.....

by acapere on 10/24/2010 @ 1:40pm
Cannot wait for Dance Dance Revolution and Para Para Paradise. Seriously, Dorky's. Get those games and you will have a VERY loyal customer. I'll also buy beer and ice cream!


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