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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:57pm

Good Vibrations

Tacoma's Community Based Services program is bringing people together in the South End

Tonight was the Community Based Services kick-off meeting for the newly expanded focus area, which now includes the Whitman, Lincoln and Dome Top neighborhoods.  The meeting was held in the Lincoln High School auditorium.

Lisa Wojtanowicz, Assistant Division Manager for CBS, led an impressive cadre of top city officials which included City Manager Eric Anderson, City Council members Strickland and Lonergan, Public Works Director Mike Slevin, Police Chief Don Ramsdell,  TPD Sector 4 commander Lt. Shawn Stringer, and many others.  Ms. Wojtanowicz mentioned at the top of the meeting that 105 citizens had signed in, and that there were a number of others in attendance who had not signed in.  I was hoping to see attendance somewhere in the middle three figures, but this wasn't a bad turnout in return for 4000-plus flyers sent out to an area with a high proportion of renters.

This meeting was a high-level overview to explain how the program works and what it can do for our area.  We got to hear the success story of the pilot program started in 2006, how it was having a continuing positive impact in the areas served and what it took to make it happen.  The city officials were all optimistic and upbeat about our prospects to pull off some much-needed positive change, and I think this rubbed off on the rest of us.

If there was any low point in the meeting, it happened while attendees from various neighborhood groups were asked to identify themselves.  First, Wojtanowicz called out for Whitman folks, and a knot of people clapped.  She called for the McKinley Hill business district, and there was applause from another part of the auditorium.  The Lincoln LAWGS (a neighbors' group) were across the aisle.  Then she called out Lincoln business district, and... crickets.  Not a soul seemed to be present from what I would consider to be one of the most important groups of stakeholders.

So... the journey has begun, like all other journeys -- with the first step.  If any of you, my gentle readers, hail from one of these neighborhoods, I urge you to roll up those sleeves and join us!

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by Erik on 6/2/2008 @ 9:06pm
Sounds like a good meeting. There is alot work to do.

by NineInchNachos on 6/2/2008 @ 9:40pm
nice meeting coverage twisty.

by fredo on 6/3/2008 @ 8:29am
Thanks for the report, Twisty