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Mar. 3, 2008 at 12:08pm


This City Needs More ART and Less TALK

This city, with its fledgling, just-hatched arts scene is desperately in need of more than one artwalk, more surprise guerilla street performance, more public sculpture, and more critical art commentary. If Tacoma ever wants to rise up to become more than a hazy afterthought of Seattle, residents of the City of Destiny must make the effort to take a few more risks and support young and emerging, starving, under-and-non-represented creative folk. The most relevant, cutting-edge, thrilling, and challenging art of our times is very often disregarded because the artist does not have 'fine art' credentials, a mile-long resume full of high-end galleries and juried show awards. <SPAN style=""FONT-FAMILY: " arial?><SPAN style=""FONT-SIZE: " 180%?><SPAN style=""COLOR: " #333333?>

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A Seriously Funny, Tragical Comedy of Critical Critique aimed at Tacoma's Fledgling, Wanna-Be Art Scene that began its Rise to Cool Status Four Years Ago and is still crawling along, talking a lot and doing very little. But there is HOPE; I have foreseen it.

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