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Sep. 25, 2013 at 8:37am

Larson Automotove Big Business

Can the Little Guy Win

It is important for every person to research the dealership they are thinking of buying a vehicle from but most do not know that they should check with the Department of Insurance prior to purchase for dealership violations.  In addition, educate yourself about any rights you have under Washington’s implied warranty clause RCW 62A.2-314.  

I unfortunately learned this the hard way after purchasing a vehicle with a 90 day warranty from Larson Nissan of Fife. The vehicle encountered major mechanical and safety issues 15 days after purchase. After speaking with 7 different people over a 5 month period (all of which no longer work for said company) they refuse to honor the signed warranty agreement.  The scariest part is that a local certified mechanic upon inspection found that the vehicle had an electrical issue that should have started the vehicle on fire and this is my 23 year old son’s car.

My hope is that this information will save the next honest, hardworking person from being victimized by one of the 3 largest car dealers in the state of Washington and possibly save someone from serious catastrophic injury.

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