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Aug. 28, 2008 at 9:44am

Hollywood Allstarz

A powerhouse of rock legends who’s combined members sold over 20 million records on stage performing their own hits and some of the best rock tunes ever!

Jimmy Bain - Bass/Vocals

This Scottish legendary bassist is recognized worldwide as a member of the bands RAINBOW and DIO. Jimmy together with drummer Vinny Appice, formed the powerful classic rhythm section in DIO. His songwriting talents contributed to the direction and multi platinum success of DIO. Jimmy has also recorded, toured and co-written songs with other musicians, including THE SCORPIONS, KATE BUSH, guitarist GARY MOORE, THIN LIZZYS PHIL LYNOTT and the metal band WWIII with Vinny Appice on drums.

Carlos Cavazo - Guitar/Vocals

Carlos Cavazo is an original member of the multi-platinum selling band QUIET RIOT. Having sold over 6 million copies of their first record "Metal Health", Cavazo ascended to guitar hero status with his screaming guitar passages and potent solos.

"Metal Health" featured the remake of Slade’s classic "Cum Feel the Noise" which sold millions of copies and is still played on classic rock stations and sporting events around the world. "Condition Critical" was their second release and again reached multi-platinum status.

Vinny Appice - Drums

Vinny, has anchored the rhythm and power for the music of DIO, BLACK SABBATH, OZZY OSBOURNE, WWIII, AXIS, RICK DERRINGER, JOHN LENNON and many more.

He has recorded and co-written songs on over 25 albums and CDs including 7 multi-platinum records. His drumming is also heard on numerous movie soundtracks including "Wayne’s World 2" "Heavy Metal" "Iron Eagle" and "Bedazzled".

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Krigger - Drums

Known as the other powerhouse in the band, Krigger has recorded and performed live with such artists as IKE & TINA TURNER, BEACH BOY CARL WILSON, metal band LONDON and GIUFFRIA. GIUFFRIA’S debut album titled "Giuffria" was certified gold and included a top 20 hit single called "Call To The Heart". In 2003, Krigger performed in Europe with IKE TURNER’S KINGS OF RHYTHM band.

Chas West – Vocals

With his English roots and powerful vocals this front man first came to prominence as vocalist for the rock band BONHAM featuring Jason Bonham on drums (son of the late great John Bonham of Led Zeppelin). The band continuously toured Europe, Japan and the US to critical acclaim worldwide.

Chas has also appeared in a cameo role in the Warner Brothers movie "ROCK STAR" and has worked as lead vocalist in the band LYNCH MOB with guitarist George Lynch. The L.A. times was quoted as saying "vocalist Chas West is a wailer who sounds like "Chris Cornell" After hearing Chas for the first time Robert Plant himself said "he sounds like me when I was his age".

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