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Apr. 6, 2008 at 8:55pm

I hate Toys R us

My twins are about to turn eight and while I can usually convince them it would be more fun to browse at Teaching Toys or The learning tree they were not sold and so we ventured to hell. I hate Toys R Us for many reasons, it\'s a maze, it\'s to big, their staff people never know anything, but what I hate about it the most are the screaming children. If your chid is screaming and hitting you it may be time to go. If your child is running through the store bumping into people while screaming it may be time to go, and if while passing me in the aisle they scream in my face well then it\'s most certainly time to go. I hate Toys R US.

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by KevinFreitas on 4/6/2008 @ 9:09pm
Wow, sounds like a bit of a nightmare. I hope I wasn't one of those kids when my parents use to take me there. Don't think so. It would be kind of cool if stores like that could give up their precious aisle space here and there for little "timeout" areas for parents to talk their kids into behaving. That way a) the area is kept clear for the parents of good children and b) they don't have to leave the store as the first option (which the store should like 'cause it would be more likely they'd get a sale).

by AP on 4/6/2008 @ 9:46pm
Maybe early on a weekday would be a good time to enjoy such a wonderland of toys? I sure loved that place way back when. Sunday probably double-crowded. I feel your pain with the runaway tyrants marching in the aisles.

by jenyum on 4/7/2008 @ 9:34am
It's just much too large for young children. Learning Sprout has a much better set up with aisles separated by large spaces where kids can interact, and the store separated into two floors.

My eldest has some sensory issues (which I can relate to, because I do to!) and big open spaces with fluorescent lighting push the "overload" button in her head and make her more or less impossible to deal with until we leave the store. (Meanwhile, I am struck dumb by the excessive input and would like to run around screaming in people's faces, too.)

I never take her unless I have another adult for backup. But this is something learned through painful experience, and there are doubtless lots of parents busy learning that lesson there every day. Extricating a child from that situation is seriously painful. I had security called on me once in Target for trying to get an overloaded first day of Kindergarten-er (too large for me to just pick up and carry, esp when unwilling) out of the toy aisle and into the car. It's not easy. Some of these big stores I think intentionally set it up to overload your system and create a situation where parents buy things to shut children up.

In that situation I literally had one bystander applauding me for not buying her the toy she wanted and another attempting to bribe her with toys, while she's screaming her bloody head off, and a third came up and offered to medicate her on the spot. Then security came over and at that point I bought her the toy and we left. *Then she had to earn access to the toy through a week of good behavior.

There are at least two factors that add to the super-suckfest: 1) big box evilness and strategic placement of products for maximum screaming potential and 2) our totally messed up view of childrearing in 2008 America - about 50% of the population thinks you ought to just give 'em a smack, the other 50 can't understand why you should have failed in positive parenting so dramatically (did you not try to redirect? What about a reward system? Have you not reasoned with the child?) and is sure you're just waiting to get them home so you can beat them with sticks. 100% of the people blame you. (OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but that's what it feels like.)

by thriceallamerican on 4/7/2008 @ 9:40am
I remember that Toys R Us seemed quite magical when I was a kid. I've been there more recently looking for board games and such, and those places are total dumps. Did the stores change, or just my perception?

by AP on 4/7/2008 @ 9:47am
Definitely seems much smaller now. And I don't recognize or understand half the merchandise any longer. At least the video and board game sections continue to speak my language.


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