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Oct. 6, 2008 at 8:50am

John McBush?

I know some of you don't like political discussions on this site, but I was reading Rolling Stone last night and they have quite the article on McCain. AsI was reading I was struck how like bush he really is. He also came from privledge, he was following a hard to follow father and grandfather and he was mediocre in everything he attempted to do.

 As I continued to read, I begin to think maybe he is worse, he crashed three planes, he has quite a temper. There were quotes in there from many many senators who have witnessed him lose it, in addition it has been substantiated by three reporters that at some press thing he called his wife a c... 

Okay so now I am rambling, but here is my point he is not fit to be commander in chief. He flip flops, he is not well versed in foreign relations ( saying he would not meet with the leader of spain) His tax plan would once again give unneeded breaks to the wealthy, he is out of touch with the economy and his running mate doesn't believe in dinosaurs. Okay yes he was a pow but that is not a qualification for president. Those of you on the fence and those of you who are prepared to vote for him, I implore you to give it some hard critical thinking. Would he really be a good president?

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by KevinFreitas on 10/7/2008 @ 6:59am
I meant to drop you a comment yesterday. I completely agree. I saw McCain speak here in Tacoma during the 2000 primary season. I'll admit back then I was impressed. He truly was more of a moderate and had his head on pretty straight. Not so anymore. He's a loose cannon that's been proven time and again but now in bright lights with the pick of extremist Palin.

Obama/Biden FTW!

by Keeper on 10/7/2008 @ 9:50am
It's funny how people think that when you're moderate or liberal, you have your "head on straight". But if you're a conservative, you must be an extremist.

by KevinFreitas on 10/7/2008 @ 11:18am
@Keeper: I never claim to have my head on quite straight (though V8 helps). How about extreme conservative that wants to extend executive branch power? I think my comparison of 2000 McCain and 2008 McCain is apt. He's not the moderate man he used to be.

by thriceallamerican on 10/7/2008 @ 11:23am
Extremism is relative. We can argue about where the center falls on the current political spectrum, but there are always going to be extremists at either end, so to suggest that only conservatives are ever characterized as extremists is totally asinine.

Someone who's probably closer to the "extreme" left than the center on most issues

by CA on 10/7/2008 @ 11:47am
I also heard that John McCain drowns puppies in his bath tub.

by KevinFreitas on 10/7/2008 @ 12:32pm

by Keeper on 10/7/2008 @ 1:50pm
thrice: I never said that only conservatives were characterized as extremists. Though I do applaud your use of the word asinine. There are many liberals that are labeled "extremists" as well. My point was that it seems in today's world, anyone with a slight lean to the right is considered extreme.

There's nothing wrong with being extreme. At least you know where the person stands...

by thriceallamerican on 10/7/2008 @ 2:58pm
Because who doesn't love the word asinine?

Anyway, probably in general the word extremism is volleyed about way too often towards people from both (all?) sides of the political aisle.

by NineInchNachos on 10/7/2008 @ 7:54pm
mcsame is too old to drown puppies himself. McCain hires palin to shoot puppies with sniper riffles from airplanes.

by chrism39 on 10/7/2008 @ 8:04pm
Why does he love the phrase " my friends" he looks like a fucking robot with his stiff arms and oh man he drives me nuts. I think he will lose unless they steal the election again. As far as extremists go, his running mate makes evangelical christians appear sane, he sang a song about bombing Iran and when we were barely into Afghanistan McCain was talking about going into Bagdad .
It is not conservatives who are extreme, it is the people they choose to support their party.

by NineInchNachos on 10/7/2008 @ 8:16pm
McCain says 'my friends" and I hear "Comrades"

let's see what's happening over on the melon live blogging...

by fredo on 10/7/2008 @ 8:25pm
McCain's stiff arms may be a bit off-putting, but I think we should cut him some slack. The stiffness is attributable to his POW confinement.

What drives me nuts is when Obama and his wife put their fists together like on the cover of the New Yorker. Looks like some kind of ritual.

by chrism39 on 10/7/2008 @ 8:41pm
It is a ritual, it's there ritual and I thought McCain's stiffness came from an injury suffered when he crashed his third plane. The man has crashed three planes.

by ixia on 10/7/2008 @ 8:44pm
Hey Fredo, that was a cartoon...You know, Tom really never hurts Jerry for's just a cartoon. Please don't be day you will grow up and understand....

by ixia on 10/7/2008 @ 8:45pm
Bob Dole!...My name is Bob Dole and I want to be president...where is my pencil?

by chrism39 on 10/7/2008 @ 8:52pm
And another thing, McCain said he could get Bin Laden that he would get Bin Laden then why hasn't he done it. If he's so sure that he could get him and he's such a dangerous man then why wait, go get him.
You know another reason I don't like him is because he is so entitled, he looks at Obama with such disdain.

by ixia on 10/7/2008 @ 8:56pm
I totally agree.To say 'I know how to get Bin Laden and I can do it" is such BS. He said that many times before - a little ace in his hand. What a bluff. For a gambler he sure sucks as poker face....

by chrism39 on 10/7/2008 @ 9:00pm
He's not a gambler remember he's a maverick.

by ixia on 10/7/2008 @ 9:02pm
yes, a maverick. The lone wolf leading the pack? Two mavericks changing the world? How many mavericks does it take to make a herd?

by CA on 10/7/2008 @ 9:46pm
"he looks like a fucking robot with his stiff arms and oh man he drives me nuts."

As Fredo pointed out, the stiff arms are a result of the torture he was subjected to as a pow in Vietnam. He cannot type at a keyboard(effectively use a computer) for the exact same reason.

by Mofo from the Hood on 10/7/2008 @ 11:25pm
Not that I'm presidential material, but are the Democrat and Republican candidates the best and the brightest minds in American politics?

The most radical liberal in the senate versus the oldest moderate conservative presidential candidate in the senate.

Obama caters to special interests. McCain caters to special interests.

Somebody above mentioned extremes. You mean like in extreme farce?

by AngelaJossy on 10/8/2008 @ 12:16am
I think anyone who would agree to be president at this particular point in history must be "extreme" as in "extremely insane."

by fredo on 10/8/2008 @ 9:01am
The New Yorker cartoon was based on real life. The fist to fist encounter is the way Michelle and Barack frequently greet each other. As I clearly stated in my posting "like on the cover of the New Yorker." Some day you'll grown up and understand that political cartoons aren't reality, but they mirror reality.


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