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Jun. 1, 2008 at 5:31pm

movie talkers

We just went and saw the stranger or strangers whichever and it was scary, but it wasn't worth the money. Its a rental for sure and people would not shut up, I mean their was a running commentary the whole time. And one couple had the nerve to bring their toddler, can you believe that to a horror film.I hope they are up all night. I know that sounds rude, but who takes a kid to a horror movie come on. 

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by KevinFreitas on 6/1/2008 @ 6:14pm
Yeesh, yea, sounds like a couple theater fouls committed there.

To the commentators: it might be less annoying if people like this left their cellphone on if only that means they would then text their chatter back and forth.

To the person with a toddler at a horror flick: You have a kid. Grow up and realize you're not a kid anymore yourself.

by jenyum on 6/1/2008 @ 6:40pm
Yeesh. Yeah, haven't taken the kids to an r-rated movie since the newborn days. One of mine did see the Matrix Reloaded (can't remember, it's all a blur now) but that was from the inside of a sling, when her awareness seemed to be limited to large shiny objects and food.

Then again, they can be a little hard to handle.... Maybe it scarred them for life.

by fredo on 6/2/2008 @ 8:10am
I took my kids to see Cheaper by the Dozen a couple of years ago. There were other families in the theater, too. The theater then decided to show Munich, which opens with a scene of machine guns blazing and blood flying everywhere. The manager of the Regal multiplex (who appeared to be about 17) could hardly have been less concerned with my complaint. Apparently, this is business as usual at Regal.

Regarding the cell phone talkers, this is a good illustration of the breakdown in ordinary civility. A good posting Chris.

by jcbetty on 6/2/2008 @ 2:23pm
Don't even get me started on theatre fouls. Which can also segue into restaurant fouls, or even shopping fouls (especially in the holiday season) Which then can cross over to driving fouls...

People don't get it, really; I feel like there's this whole "challenge of societal norms" thing going on that's kinda' sad.

In teh trib today Carolyn Hax? I think? did an advice piece on when it's okay to correct people in public, who are engaged in reprehensible behavior. Me? I'm too non-confrontational. But I still get almightily irritated....

by fredo on 6/3/2008 @ 8:42am
jc-I think your non-confrontational approach is usually best. That's mine too. However if I see dogs running off leash at a park where children are present I will almost always ask the offender to re-leash the dog. I've seen children chased/bitten and as a child I was bitten by an off leash dog. When dangerous conditions exist I think you must say something. If the offender looks like a gangbanger...that's a tough one.

by AngelaJossy on 6/14/2008 @ 3:12pm
There's a new Galaxy movie theater in Gig Harbor that has an "adults only" rule for this exact reason. They even serve beer and wine. I visited it the other day for a story I wrote for the Business Examiner and I have to say I was impressed. I see this as a good trend. I hope a few Tacoma theaters consider following it.


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