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Jun. 9, 2008 at 7:41pm


Maybe this is redundant but this weather is making me feel as though I am just trudging along. I have not done a thing today, nothing. Well I got the kids off to school and cooked dinner and all that but besides the very bare minimum nothing. Another thing that is getting me down is the countdown to the end of school, 5 days and that's it, all my alone time gone. I like summer with my kids, but the first couple of weeks are always a shock, well enough complaining.

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by Heather on 6/10/2008 @ 2:29pm
Me too. I feel like I'm literally under the weather. I'm almost ready to turn on the TV and look for some really bad re-runs -- maybe Jerry Springer.

by jcbetty on 6/10/2008 @ 3:24pm
I feel like I'm treading water desperately, trying to keep my head above water(and it's starting to go up my nose), with trying to get al my stuff done... I feel like it's a monumental undertaking to do the bare minimum... I was explaining to a friend I feel like all my obligations are these clouds, with storms in the forecast and no sun in sight.

And this, in June when, just what you're saying, kid home: buh bye me & my me days... then again, there's a certain freedom to the whole, sleep in til you want to, nothing that *has* to be done (well, except work, housekeeping, the yard, the dogs, and the kid to be fed and cared after)

ayeee. yeah, it's fun times.

by Heather on 6/10/2008 @ 3:35pm
Here is something that is good for a laugh.
So much for astrology:

Number for Today: 3
Look out! You yield enormous power to influence others today, and may even appear more attractive than usual. You're upbeat and playful, and the world knows it. If there's a deal or project you've been waiting to close, now is the time to do it. Make sure you're organized, because there's also a tendency to be a bit scattered and forgetful.

by chrism39 on 6/10/2008 @ 6:46pm
I watched 5 episodes of sex and the city yesterday, yep five.


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