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Oct. 13, 2008 at 11:56am

Up by over ten points

Today it was reported that Obama is leading McCain by 10 points. Obama gave a speech today detailing his economic plan, while McCain rallied his supporters by telling them he has America right where he wants us. I am so excited, I really feel that Obama is going to win, that is unless they steal another election ( watched recount last night). Please no questions about how this refers to Tacoma, it is a national election, it refers to Tacoma. 

Does anyone think short of theft that they can still win?

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by Erik on 10/13/2008 @ 12:15pm

Its going to be close though.

McCain still has some options though:


by fredo on 10/13/2008 @ 12:25pm
Bush didn't "steal" the election. The Democratic Party in Florida failed to challenge the ballot design when given the opportunity to do so. Interestingly, the Democratic Party was curiously silent when extra ballots were "found" in the King Co. elections office and the finding put the Democratic party in office. How about some consistancy here? Or is voter fraud only an issue when your candidate loses?

by KevinFreitas on 10/13/2008 @ 12:51pm
@chrism: That's encouraging stuff. I'm sure it'll still be a race to the finish but I'm optimistic. I have hope, definitely. As long as Palin's racist and smear tactics don't stick with folks we'll soon have an amazing president in Obama. Stay positive and we'll get there.

by chrism39 on 10/13/2008 @ 5:05pm
No that is not true, they stole they stole the election. There should have been a hand recount, if kathryn Harris wasn't the secretary of state in Florida there would have been. Al Gore should have been president, I think we can all agree we would be in a much different position if he had.

by chrism39 on 10/13/2008 @ 7:14pm
I said they stole twice, I sound like yosemite Sam.

by NineInchNachos on 10/13/2008 @ 7:22pm
I hate it when lefties compare bush to Hitler.

unlike bush, Hitler was elected.

by chrism39 on 10/13/2008 @ 8:47pm
That's a good one.

by fredo on 10/16/2008 @ 10:35am
I'm waiting for a response. Is voter fraud a bad thing all the time, or only when it costs your preferred candidate the election? I thought voter fraud was a bi-partison issue?

by KevinFreitas on 10/16/2008 @ 11:39am
@fredo: All the time. It also easily happens on both sides of the fence. I want every vote to count period. With all of Bush's friends running the show in FL in 2000 it was pretty shady deal considering those votes that weren't counted decided the election. Everyone should be pissed about that no matter who you wanted to win.

Let's hope every county and state in the US has their act together this time around. Fortunately plenty of folks will be monitoring for irregularities.

by fredo on 10/16/2008 @ 11:57am
KF-Agreed, but I wish I could share your confidence.

Absentee ballot usage is increasing every election, and there's really no way to for the public to know who filled out the ballot. That is a situation that's ripe for fraud. Also there's the ACORN issue with hundreds of thousands of questionable voter registration cards being submitted right before the election. Finally, there's an ongoing movement to allow people to register who basically have no identification. Will all this lead to fair elections? I have my doubts.


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