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Jul. 6, 2010 at 3:19am

"ADONIS DELIRIOUS" Article in Examiner.com (Puget Sound Mixtape 2010 Interview Series)


ARTICLE LINK - http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-44594-Tacoma-HipHop-Music-Examiner~y2010m7d5-Adonis-Delirious-Prolific-Mixtape-Emcee-PSM-2010-Interview-Series

The artist behind Puget Sound Mixtape's track number 11, "Iz This 4 Me", is no stranger to the concept of a mixtape. Adonis Delirious has been releasing mixtapes from the age of 11, and in the last two months, he has released five such albums - "HardCopy", "HardCopy 2: Tha Zodiac", "Street Fighter", "Thank Me L8r" & "Eclipse".

While readers have not seen him on stage, they can hear and download all of his music on his website, Delirious Domain.

Adonis counts many artists as influences, including his father - house music artist, DJ and remixer Donald Glaude. Both Adonis' musical influences and family background have helped him develop a greater appreciation for all genres of music; though, hip hop will remain his favorite form of expression. Using his birthname, Adonis writes he has been told he added "delirious" at the age of 3 and realizes, "It is a good descriptor word for me. I swear it's as if Im in a permanent state of delirium".

Taking advantage of the notoriety his home state has received in recent years, Adonis recently released his "Eclipse" mixtape.  Listeners will appreciate Adonis' ability to sing and rap on these tracks intermixed with references to the Twilight trilogy. Adonis also hopes listeners will enjoy his two favorite tracks from the album - Ibiza and Divine. Adonis explains, "'Ibiza' exhibits me growing as a storyteller". He feels he has developed as an emcee but would like to continue learning the storytelling aspect of a hip hop artist.

To find out more about Adonis Delirious, including information about his upcoming summer release "Soufsides Socialite", add his daily updated website as a favorite and follow Adonis on twitter. Adonis also shares his music on Myspace and Youtube.

Readers can download the entire Unofficial Puget Sound Mixtape at

Datpiff - http://tinyurl.com/282gums
Zshare - http://tinyurl.com/2ehczwd

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