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Jan. 24, 2010 at 5:02pm


1st Planning Meeting

The 1st planning meeting for the possibility of a Tacoma Makers Space is Tuesday night.  Jinx and I will be there with the people who have the space.  We will walk throught the available space and talk finances.  

Right now thoughts are towards a Hot Shop / forge - kiln area; beginning wood shop; fiber arts set up; dedicated work spaces; and a possible dark room.  There would be wifi and older computers for members to schedule time on.  Are we forgetting anything?

But like I said this is the first (limited access) meeting.  If you have a desire to be one of the opening investors - 'cause these things do cost start up money and monthly maintenance fees - If you are interested in being invovled on the start-up please let me know.


I'll post the followup on Wednesday....



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by L.S.Erhardt on 1/24/2010 @ 5:30pm

by NineInchNachos on 1/24/2010 @ 6:09pm
I can maybe help in finding tools to donate.

by daubermaus on 1/25/2010 @ 10:56pm
Tuesday - Tomorrow, 7pm-ish

Still trying to get the mapquestable address - you really don't want me giving directions.... It's near 56th and Pine.

It's a 2 story Victorian house with a detatched garage and yard. The garage is ready for use. The house needs a few fixes. There may be a piano, there is a useable kitchen.

There is a church across the street and a day care next door.

The people who have the day care are the house owners and artisans.

Like I said - working out details as we go.

Jinx will email his phone number and the meeting address tomorrow afternoon.

by WaywardScooterGirl on 1/26/2010 @ 7:34am
I might be interested in this...

by L.S.Erhardt on 1/26/2010 @ 9:28pm
I couldn't find the house. I drove around for like half an hour.

by daubermaus on 1/26/2010 @ 10:09pm
Meeting was very productive. Hopefully you can make next week's planning meeting.

Right now we are shooting for Feb 15th limited opening of RavenCraft: Multiuse Arts Ko-op Extrordinaire / Simple Hack Enviroment Designate (MAKE / SHED).

Yeah, still working on the title - you should be at the next meeting.

I'll post more tomorrow when my brain filters everything.

I am tasked with the brochure - so I guess I'll work on it at CLAW tomorrow.

by L.S.Erhardt on 1/26/2010 @ 10:23pm
Next time, PLEASE give me an address?

by daubermaus on 1/26/2010 @ 11:54pm
Will you be at the CLAW meet tomorrow? I can give you everything then...

by daubermaus on 1/27/2010 @ 10:30am
Jinx says he I-Teamed the address to all folks CLAW.

Meeting notes:

1) It's all or nothing. The opportunity is now and we each feel committed to going for it.

2) We toured the space - It is an old house (1894) that really isn't rentable as a house right now. But fine for a Maker/Hacker space.

3) We need 30 members to pay the bills at $100 per member per month general access (2 persons whether co-habitating couple/sibling/etc at same proven address count as 1) . Basically a household of 6 adults would require 3 memberships.

After 30 members we can offer student rates and possibly scholarships. As membership grows rates will decrease - the idea is to pay for the space and equipment, not make a profit.

$250 per month for serious lock-downable dedicated space - ie a room with a door.

4) Start up will begin with operations hours of 12noon til 10pm-ish and the intention to go 24 hours as soon as enough responsible key holders can be identified and proven. The insurance quote is based on always having a responsible "adult" present.

5) On Feb 15th the downstairs will be ready for use including tables, chairs, electric, wifi, personal storage bins, bathroom (with shower), and kitchen. Oh yeah - and appropriately stocked vending machines.

6) There will be a work party bbq on Saturday Feb 13th at the site.

7) I will be storing my leather working tools there as well as my fiber arts stuff. As well as the scraps of my jewelery / beading supplies. These things will be available for on site use.

8) Phase 2 will be the garage with kiln, hot shop work areas and heavy fabrication. The sooner the better - membership participation needed.

9) We have on roster so far:

Jinxmedic - who besides his cartoon greatness is a watercolor artist, leatherworker, blacksmith, and general fabricator.

Cheryce - Jinx wife (me) - fiber artist, mixed media artist, former welder, foodie/chef-type, writer/editor/researcher, and dedicated recycled crafts person.

Josh - metal artist, shop master

Yvonne - organization skills / business liscense / realtor / responsible adult

Daven - mixed-media artist and bs detector.

A silver artist whose name I missed, sowwy.

And apparently Thorax O'Tool !


There will be a regular meeting every Tuesday night for any member interested in influencing decisions of the ad hoc board.

There will be at least one open bbq / meeting a month for potential members.

by The Jinxmedic on 1/27/2010 @ 11:10am
After taking the walk-through of the space last night, I believe that this place is going to be great. Maybe we can even get the CLAWmobile over there...

by L.S.Erhardt on 1/27/2010 @ 6:46pm
I did get the email, as it turns out.

However, in true fashion, I didn't bother to check my email until this evening.