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Jul. 23, 2008 at 11:02am

6th Avenue Farmers Market

I am excited to see a Farmer's Market near my home that I can actually attend.  The 6th Ave Farmer's Market is every Tuesday from 3:30-7:30, so that means I can whip on over after work at 5.  It is located by EH9 which is luckly  on my commute route, too.

If you haven't been, stop on by. There's a pretty nice jive with the vendors, and it even has a guy who sells worms.

Thanks to all who have coordinated this.

@Heather.  I happen to be standing near you when you voiced the need to make a commercial for the market.  I have a degree in advertising, and my professional experience is mainly in print advertising.  I don't know if this would help out, but I would be willing. 

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by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 7/23/2008 @ 5:57pm
Was Heather wearing one of those Carmen Miranda headdresses? I was hoping she'd find one in time for the Market.

by Heather on 7/28/2008 @ 5:12pm
Ha. Ha. That item slipped way down my priority list. I opted instead for the eye catching tangerine t-shirt.

DAWN - how do I contact you directly? My e-mail is 6thAve@tacomafarmersmarket.com. Let's talk!