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Jul. 20, 2008 at 10:11am

I give you the Roland Portal!

After much toil, grunting, a nail to the foot, and a missing vacuum filter, Roland Portal is slowly showing her beautiful face!

DSC05099 DSC05100 DSC05103 DSC05102 Enjoy this wonderful day, ya'll

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by NineInchNachos on 7/20/2008 @ 10:33am
Dawn with the brawn.. way to be!

by intacoma on 7/20/2008 @ 11:47am
what this looks dope where is this?!

by Erik on 7/20/2008 @ 11:52am
My God you did it Dawn.

You opened up Rowland Portal. Nice work!

Marble stairs and historic tile.

I didn't even know it had doors to it.

Lupin's premonition of a restored Rowland's Portal while chalking at Frost Park in Episode VII came true at last:


Historic Tacoma eat your heart out!

Tacoma Underground lives.

Here's RR Anderson attempting to breach the portal a couple months earlier. Its to the right of him where someone broke through the sheet rock.

Here's another adjacent section of Tacoma's underground:

Tacoma has many secrets