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Jan. 17, 2009 at 11:08pm

The Show Must Go On: Monster Truck Kills Small Boy


monster truck

A child was killed in his chair at the TACOMA DOME when flying car parts shot from the tire of a speeding monster truck. �The dead child and hysterical family were ushered out of the TACOMA DOME and then MONSTER TRUCK MAYHEM continued on its happy way. �

I suppose most americans have no problem enjoying themselved while innocent children are killed (viz Iraq, Gaza, Africa etc)... �I mean it's not like YOUR child is being killed right? �

My question is this... tacoma history people... �is this the first little boy to be killed inside the Tacoma Dome? �

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Dec. 6, 2008 at 4:10pm

New LeRoy/JayRay Billboards Crossing the Line

VIEWPOINT: Collation of Urban Decentcy

Yesterday at my church group anger management prayer meeting, an architect friend of mine made a comment about the billboards in Tacoma. "what does it say about Tacoma that it has a freestanding billboard on Pacific Avenue and 10th Street?" he said. My architect friend was upset about the bligt that billboards supposedly represent in his liberal ideology. Being more conservative in my own views of urban planning, I am not so much upset about the jobs and revenue generated by the billboards but more about the moral content being presented in those billboards.

Last year I was disgusted by the flagrant refference to the female breast in the Leroy billboard (I wont repeat the slogan here but you can CLICK HERE TO VIEW).

Today I read in the news tribune about the Russel billboard. OK you're thinking not big deal right?


I don't know what kind of favors vopel has gotten from the marketing team over at Jay Ray but his article fails to mention THESE DISGUSTING NEW BILLBOARDS:

Imagine my outrage when I dove past these new LeRoy billboards!�

Please join me in a letter writing campaign to the Tacoma City Council. Make sure you use the subject line: MAKE TACOMA SAFE AND CLEAN. TAKE DOWN OFFENSIVE BILLBOARDS IMMEDIATELY.

thank you. God Bless

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Oct. 16, 2008 at 8:54pm

A Final Solution to Financial Dystopia: The Hipster

Exploit an exciting new market without getting 'pwnd'

PHOTO: unidentified 'hipsters' pose in ironic/cool fashion

As a Christian, I don't always agree with what I read on JAYRAY blog.  But I have many clients in the financial sector who are not doing so hot right now because of the liberal agenda to overthrow America... however I read some pretty interesting tips today for exploiting the new "hipster" class that is clogging my sidewalks with unsaved, skinny-jeans wearing nincompoops and their squeaky 10 speeds from like 1984 (often painted with alarming color choices).  

A sampling of Handy Tips:

  1. Don’t be fake. This educated demographic tends to sometimes shun the corporate world and can smell when someone isn’t honest about their beliefs. Don’t engage in a campaign that is outside the credit union’s beliefs and values.

  2. Team up with a local, independent band. We live in the Seattle area. Where is better to find great local bands? And how cool would it be to have them playing in your lobby or a TV commercial?

  3. Get the local grocers involved. Hand out reusable shopping bags with your logo. Combine with a food co-op for your next campaign or plan an event that involves both of you.

  4. Find a local artist. Get a local artist to design one of your debit card options or checks. Feature some of their artwork in your lobby.

  5. Become one with the target audience. Make an appearance and host a booth at a local music festival. Think about where they will be, and be there.


Personal Commentary

Although I find it revolting to accept money from a domestic terrorist(s), baby killers or somebody with a crippling mental illness (read gay marriage) I understand that with this economic climate you gotta make do with the markets available to you.  

I'm sure that if you stay true to the scripture in all other aspects of your life you'll be forgiven during the final judgment if you absolutely must accept "hipster" money. 

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Aug. 13, 2008 at 9:28pm

SiteCrafting's New Website Smokes Compeditors

Web Design Do's and Donts Explained by an Expert (me, Bob Deeble)

Over at SiteCrafting world headquarters things are looking good.  Not just good. Great.  Explore their new website (below):

PHOTO: SITE CRAFTING'S new groovy website. So Sexy! 

It's got the big splashy color graphics...  plenty of solid content. A community.  More focused than the previous inceptions.  Overall this is the most advanced web design firm's website out there.     Watch the Evolution!

What Works

  • 1024x768 'modern' design
  • Nice graphics even on sub pages!
  • meaningful text (not just SEO or LAME ASS Filler)
  • straight to the Point
  • consistent branding
  • no table layouts
  • no over reliance on FLASH
  • web 2.0 feel
  • ajax widgets
  • content is organized by tabs on subpages... easy to digest
  • 'your name here' in employee section = clever
  • nice blog integration 
  • RSS Feeds
  • site map

Stuff that Needs Improvement

  • Doesn't pass validation... though minor dumb errors easily fixed
  • empty alt tags where text is used in images
  • to many 'learn more' graphic/links (not good for accessibility + SEO)
  • no print css style sheet 
  • no secret messages in code / css markup

1. Deeble Interative

I abstain from a design critique of my own website.  Though if I had the same resources, personel, cronie contacts and government contracts as the websites listed above, I could have something that would really dominate them ALL !!!!

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Aug. 11, 2008 at 6:01pm

Manifest Destiny In Bad Decline

A Day in the Life of Jay Ray and the Consumer Culture of Corruption Destroying Civilization

Clear Channel Billboard

As a generation of our young people are systematically destroyed in other people's countries so that I can enjoy freedom one has to wonder, where did we go wrong?  

Trust as Market Positioning

Do you have confidence that your retirement savings will be there for you in the golden years?   Do you expect the government to bail out every massive corporate failure?  Do you think spending your dwindling capital on a last ditch effort to turn things around?  You must be real stupid.  You may be a lot of things.   One thing you're not is alone.   I hope that makes you feel better.


Point Counterpoint 

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Jul. 1, 2008 at 12:47pm

How 2 Alienate Your Already Apathetic Readers Without Really Trying

An Intervention...

The [Tacoma] News Tribune has become a danger to themselves and others. 
Stop the madness!

What the Deuce?!

Tacoma News Tribune

Will No One Speak Out?

Tacoma News Tribune

as a moderate republican voter I find little in the TNT worthy of my attention save for the occasional visit to the seachickens blog... but seriously guys.. it's getting ridiculous it's like liberal media is freaking the fuck out and it's just sad.  It's like dude... give it a rest already.  You're not getting any of my money.  So just cool it bro.

Cant you just shut up and run busty escort & 900 number service ads like a human being?   Christ almighty.

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May. 23, 2008 at 9:34pm

Radio Stolen Window Smashed with Brick

People SUK!  After my shift I walk to my car to find this...

Looks like the perp used this brick found left in the car.   It has a smiley face drawn scratched on the back in chalk.  

Now I'm not going to accuse anybody.  But If you have information please contact me, Robert Deeble at

I would like my car radio back.  It was a gift from my mom before she left for Africa on missionary work. 


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