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Sep. 12, 2008 at 4:54pm

Chalk Off a Literary Work

Quillpill Quarterly

I am pleased to note that the first issue of Quillpill Quarterly carries my coverage of Chalk Challenge XI in its pages.  I have been using the site, first in its Beta form, for some time and I have enjoyed writing on topics 140 characters at a time.

"Gonna Buy Five Copies for My Mother"

I actually like my poem from CC XII better.

I wrote a little more about it on my blog.

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Aug. 4, 2008 at 4:33pm

Origami This Thursday

UWT Library

I like to fold with a single sheet of paper. No cuts, no glue. That being said, I will be gluing and in one small exception, cutting, origami models in order to create modular origami flowers and arrangements this Thursday.

Modular origami can be rewarding in the detail of the model and is also interesting and challenging. There are some great books on the subject, such as "Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations" by Tomoko Fuse. 

As defined by Wikipedia, modular origami, or unit origami, "is a paperfolding technique which uses multiple sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure than would be feasible using single-piece origami techniques. Each individual sheet of paper is folded into a module, or unit, and then modules are assembled into an integrated flat shape or three-dimensional structure by inserting flaps into pockets created by the folding process. These insertions create tension or friction that holds the model together."

I have created a few Kusadama's in the past with the largest using 175 sheets of paper. Kusadama's are paper models "that is usually (although not always) created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal units (usually stylized flowers folded from square paper) together through their points to form a spherical shape."

This Thursday I will be giving a workshop on ornamental floral origami at the University of Washington, Tacoma's Library from 10am - Noon in the upstairs conference room LIB 222A.

At this time my plans are to talk about single sheet origami and compound origami. Though I would like to fold the traditional Lily, I think we will start with a simple two piece tulip. From there we will create the six piece rose from Hiromi Hayashi's Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets and if there is time, back to the lily. 

I would also like to do the Dahlia from Hiromi's book, but it has one collapse that I don't think a novice or early origami folder can do themselves.

If you are in the area and would like to join in, please do.

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Jul. 16, 2008 at 7:30am

Cranes and Stuff Today

Folding in Tollefson

Here is a reminder that if you want to spend some time in the sun at Tollefson folding candy dishes and cranes, I'll be out there from 11:30 until around 1:00pm today.

I've got paper, bring your fingers.

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Jul. 11, 2008 at 10:12am

Folding on Weds in Tollefson

Attacking the wasteland

Daniel Blue is not happy with Tollefson.  He expresses himself in a recent post written as a www.exit133.com side B submission.  

I will be at the City Center Luncheon today which will feature (among other topics):Tollefson Plaza plans and programming
Presenter: Joanne Buselmeier, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce
Tollefson Plaza will hold Friday lunchtime concerts and food vendors—just in time to enjoy lunch outdoors in the Northwest summer. More activities and plans are currently in the works.

So what am I going to do about it?  Rail against the wind?  Possibly.  Fold while I am doing so?  Definitely.

I am following through with a promise I made earlier this Spring to sit out in the plaza and welcome anyone who wants to learn a bit about origami.  Next Wednesday from 11:30am to 1:00pm I am going to let my fingers fly and create with paper.

I will bring paper and ideas for whoever cares to join in. 

This is not going to be a lecture but a conversation and instructions on how to fold a few models.  I will keep it simple, but if you are already an experienced folder and want to join in helping others stop on by.

Warren at Tacoma Art Supply is providing me with an awning so the sun won't beat down so hard. 

Come by and play music, eat lunch or maybe make one of these roses.  I can hear Marie Osmond singing "Paper Roses" right now.

For more on my interest in origami, search on the topic on andrewfry.blogspot.com

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Jun. 28, 2008 at 11:58am

ChalkOff Challenge XII (in verse)

A one hour, park taking, art competition to determine the best illustrator in THE UNIVERSE!! (Of Tacoma)

The following is a recap of last week's chalk challenge as recorded over several days, 140 or less characters at a time, via the Beta of Quillpill, an online micro blogging writers site.  This week is in verse.

Caution:  Some verses are cringe worthy, some I am proud of.  Many of both at the same time.


I was at off site meetings for most of the week.

I had to catch up, so I just took a peek,

at the comments and pictures from last Fridays chalking.

The votes and the prizes, the art and the talking.


The gift card  and rentals to Ariel and Dawn.

The victors whose bird held the lead early on.

And as the votes piled up it became certain

that all the other chalker's chances were hurt'n.


The prizes are a bonus and they add to the fun. 

The second place goods went to Stowe and his son.

So how about this week?  What incentives to post

to ensure that each artist would not choose to coast.


There was dinner for four at the India Mahal.

Second place got old clothing, but that was not all.

For those who would scrawl and on their chalk relied,

a full set of colors and sizes supplied.


But first there'd be cleaning by folks like Dave L.

Whose efforts were lauded, whose washing worked well.

Volunteers would be needed to join at Frost Park

to clean off the canvas before it grew dark.


It only takes  fifteen minutes to finish we hear.

And then it's to Doyle's for a well deserved beer.

More enticement to show up was prepped to be viewed.

A strutting Stowe in his skivvies, a trading card GITU'd.


There are cards to be traded, and held and collected.

For victors, their feats all would be recollected.

And if you are not yet aware of the diploma,

Jeremy has graduated to the third greatest of Tacoma.


So come with you chalk and scratch out your best,

Perhaps you'll be "greatest" along with the rest.

Officer Frost will be there if in spirit.

Just pause for a moment and maybe you'll hear it.


"Give a boast, here's your toast"

says our host of a ghost.

Enough talk, don't you balk.

Lay your chalk on the walk.


The tension is mounting, it happens at noon.

It' ten o'clock now so it happens real soon.

Bring yourself, bring your spouse, bring your son,  bring your daughter.

Let's just hope the fountain's been refilled with water.


The day was quite pleasant, the atmosphere sunny,

The warmth was a draw and I'm not being punny.

And slowly they gathered and sat down in spaces,

that allowed for the drawing of ships, cats and faces.


The favorites were there with past victories noted,

whose pieces were strong and moved those who had voted.

But some things were different as one would have hoped.

More artists arrived on the street that was sloped.


Fresh faces to challenge the others who fared,

as solo successes, or sometimes as paired.

The people had gathered the park it was festive.

The artists were pleasant, not rude, loud or restive.


And it happened in moments, the pictures were started.

The fish and the bridge and the Garfield stout hearted.

And the Tall Ship sailed free from the place where it docked. 

Andrea's masts in the drawing were still, but they rocked.


The bird from last week’s winning entry was back. 

But this time the snake and the gnome it attacked.

A torch had been lit both for freedom and yearning,

 with  birds that were drawn under traffic right turning.


Online was suggested that this poem might wrangle

a poster to be made by Beautiful Angle.

The possibilities lingered a moment and with luck it,

might introduce folks to a gnome from Nantucket.


but back to the drawings the reason we gather. 

The voting was fierce and had folks in a lather.

Some loved the hot dogs and some wanted squids,

some wanted newbies and don't forget kids.


Who drew on the stairs and edges of fountain,

with etches of stars and of flags and of mountain.

Look for the creatures from under the sea...

representing our pride for the great two-five-three!!


The voted was scattered like post Christmas elves.

Some voting for others, some voting for selves.

The entries were numerous, the turnout was great,

for those who can't make it, for photos they'd wait.


But we fear that a tear might be shed somewhere near.

A photo not posted is a voice no one can hear.

"I finally made it down, I finally drew

but alas, you see, no-one knew"


"For when the photos were posted online

someone forgot to post a picture of mine. :( "

Logistically speaking this isn't surprising,

but incomplete info may cause an uprising.


How quickly they moved and the fences they mended,

the picture was posted, no one was offended.

The black chalk was gifted, a crow on the wall sat

and was noted as honoring Maureen from Mat Hat.


A shadowy figure was causing commotion,

his bowler in sunlight was constant in motion.

It's hard to imagine without illustration,

So RR made graphic a clear demonstration.


The voting blows fell like a heavyweight fight.

First a vote from the left, then a vote from the right.

The win was uncertain there would be no route,

in this evenly measured, high quality bout.


RR had a chance with a big breakout volley,

he landed hard blows with his runaway trolley.

Some votes were for Kate, some votes cast in a flurry,

some votes went to family, some votes cast for curry.


Some votes they were cast for the newcomer camp,

but most votes were cast for our now four time champ.

Yes Andrea won for her classic Tall Ship.

Which burst forth on the ocean from her chalky grip.


Her name will be shouted above all the crowd,

our maritime champion stands seaworthy and proud.

And thus ends our recap, recorded in verse,

of the exploits of the Greatest Illustrator in the Universe.


Of Tacoma.


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Jun. 23, 2008 at 10:20am

Chalkoff Challenge XI

A one hour, bloody knuckled, art competition to determine the best illustrator in THE WORLD!! (Of Tacoma)

The following is a recap of last week's chalk challenge as recorded over several days, 140 characters at a time, via the Beta of Quillpill, an online micro blogging writers site.  I will recount my experience with the beta over at andrewfry.blogspot.com this week, but for now, here is a 1700 word, somewhat disjointed recounting of the event, most of it real.


The weather report was sketchy at best.  Rain might not mean less competition, but it meant more difficult chalking. And chalking ruled.

Stowe was stoked, after his third victory produced a new look, but Andrea, fresh off of a major win and a steak dinner, would not cow down.

Like Chinatown and The Godfather II, RR's Chihuly-Cthulhu masterwork was defeated not from lack of greatness, but because one was greater.

Still other chalk artists, some past victors, some coming to make their multicolored mark for the first time, began sketching out plans.
With 72 hours until the feats hit the pavement, RR was working on a secret chalk formula, a combination of plaster and paint.  His spectrum.
He had given out a faux formula to the masses, for he held back on disclosing his own secret ingredient: artistic talent.
But there were others like him out there with talent of their own.  Had the father of the Chalk Challenge erred or merely raised the bar.
The prize for this week would be announced today.  Would it be another luxury condo stay?  A dinner on the town?  A make over? Free press?
Each week the value seemed to increase.  A few wins at this rate and an active Ebay account meant much more than simply beer and date money.
It meant, (calculating on fingers, 7 plus 6 is 3 carry the one, multiply by twelve, less the fee to post the prizes and shipping) MUCH more!
Previous participants gathered around the comments section of the FeedTacoma web site.  Each claimed, suspiciously, to have no good ideas.
Izenmania claimed, "no awesome prize-winning ideas. Curses!".  Elle's response, "alas, I have no awesome ideas either." Both were suspect.
Meanwhile, Andrea was picking up her El Gauchos steakhouse certificate from promoter extraordinaire Erik "the Urbanist".  The next prize?
For CCXI, four tickets to the Mariners, ten rentals at Stadium Video,a 50 dollar gift certificate from Buzzards and a Ralph Steadman poster.
But in a dramatic example of prize escalation there was a new wrinkle to this weeks contest.  There would also be a second place prize!
Slow dissolve to the sidewalks and concrete of Frost Park, empty, but for the occasional passing "bus person" glancing at last weeks ghosts.

The city worked by day.  At night, it slept. It also contacted "the Urbanist" and said it would wash the sidewalks and concrete no more. 

How would this effect the next competition?  Those with an intent to chalk the walls had better be prepared with buckets and supersoakers.

As dusk settled, or perhaps it was merely cloud cover, yes, I believe it was cloud cover, but  dusk would be approaching eventually. 

A mysterious figure in a deep blue coat approached the park.  Armed with a long handled brush and a bucket he began his work on the walls.

A fictitious officer approached. 

He eyed the figure up an down, circling him as though he were a 2:00am loiterer.  "What are you doing?"

"I'm, uh, cleaning off the chalk drawings so that there will be a new slate for the artists.  Yeah, that's the ticket, I'm cleaning up." 

Officer Frost was satisfied and returned to his beat, disappearing into the air.

Dave L. laughed and removed from his pocket.....Chalk!!! 

It was special invisible chalk, made from the RR formula, but with lemon juice instead of paint.  No one would know of his head start art.

Once the sun appeared on Friday, the images would emerge like a secret agents hidden message in a Hardy Boys novel. (Try it, but with paper) 

The confident Dave L. even posed for pictures when approached by "the Urbanist" whose suspicions were aroused. "All spic and span." he said.

Back at FeedTacoma the praise was heaped on.  "Yeah, Dave!!!"  "Eye of the Tiger, Dave!!".  Dave chuckled to himself, waiting for the sun. 

While Dave's laugh caused him to snort coffee out of his nose, a new challenger was on the horizon.  Red Hots, get your Red Hots he yelled.

Because, he then bellowed to the night, the Red Hot is gonna get theirs.  We got a ringer here, a beertendrix-supreme ringer called - MEG!!! 

Sleep well chalkers, for tomorrow we bring life from the rough gray pavement.

It was a beautiful morning.  The usual challenge announcement did not go out as usual however.  The arts listserver was out of commission. 

A deliberate act?  Who knows.  But RR found away around it and made the proclamation from Craigslist instead.

"You, the people, have the power, the power to create chalk machines, the power to create chalk happiness!" RR exclaimed online maniacally. 

This was followed by a "MwooohaHahaHA!! HAhaHahaha!" but no one online could hear it.  He perched the engineers hat on his head and exited.

The pre-chalking chatter began to heat up along with the day's temperature reading.  Anticipation was building and the boards were frenzied. 

Andrea unveiled her promotional battle art.  The world stopped a moment.  Stowe beheld the detailed graphic of alien/mecha-ape/goddess war.


Though children were invited, it came with a warning!  A very busy street, a tempting fountain and... chalking.  There would also be bubbles.

First timers were welcomed.  "Come introduce yourself" said Heather, admittedly shy herself, "I'll be the one in the red sneakers." 

It started quietly, with Stowe arriving with his artistic partner and family along for the challenge.  Yes, there was a little Stowe in tow.

To blend I pretended to be part of the festivities.  I sat on a pavement square with some recently purchased chalk.  The perfect ruse. 

The one they call Elle arrived and scanned the hill of concrete, pacing until she alighted on her perfect canvas.  She smiled at it.
I was distracted by one of Stowe's minions, disguised as a cute little two year old girl.  I made her an origami frog and when I looked up..

Frost Park was crawling with chalkers, busily putting chalk to pavement in a frenzy of artistic flailing of hands and bending of backs. 

Having no talent myself, I reached back to lessons taught by Commander Mark from The Secret City.  Symmetry I said to myself, yes symmetry.

Hours passed 

Photos were posted.

The votes began to trickle in.  From out of the gate a front runner was emerging.  Dawn (dawntown) and Ariel had  found "Alchemy in Tacoma". 

The vibrant sunspot, the bird perched on the sign, the use of Frost Park discarded paper in the working of the art.  The product placement.

Stowe and Stowe in tow were also getting votes.  Jeremy, Elle and others entered slowly into the race.  A mysterious vote was cast for me. 

Could it have been a fan of fine art? a pity vote? a holdover from the Commander Mark fan club?  They name seemed familiar.  Could it be....

No, nevermind... 

Lance had an eye for Tacoma. Hypnotic.  Adam the alien had landed on Frost Parks steps.  A Sign?  Elle, like all of us, needed a vacation.

It's Five O'clock Somewhere.  Thorax had nine stories to tell.  Lemon yellow sunshine appeared magically from his piece. 

Electric Elliot summoned "Darth Eyman" from the dark side.  Heckler Scary.  "A Monster Meats My Sister" from Stowe and Son. Montrously good.

Garfield Roadtrip by Jeremy.  Radar Love.  Lesson One: Symmetry by droid116.  Symmetrical.  Already mentioned Alchemy of Tacoma but man!! 

A bird.  Buzzards.  Multiple media.  Vibrant colors.  Working together.  Offered to loan me chalk and were nice as they drew above me. Argh!

Andrea spotted UFO's over Rainier.  A gorgeous day for an invasion. RR gave tribute with "Seago SayWA?".  Extra!! Extra!! stunning. 

Izenmania detailed out "The Price of Victory" in a self potrait.  Provocative, Emotional, Musical.

A temporary gallery of art to be savored in the sunshine, with the community welcomed and the spirit of Tacoma present and accounted for. 

Cast your votes now!!! CAST THEM NOW!!!

A voice from beyond sounded off in the distance.  "The people in the room with me vote for Alchemy".  It was the absent TacomaUrbanist. 

The votes began to pile up as the night wore on.  Dawn and Ariel continued to lead.  In a fit of self pity I voted for myself.

That brought my vote count to two when you included the vote from my sist...., er the mysterious stranger. 

This would not be the first zombie vote in Chalk Off history but certainly the first from my camp.  The evening wore on.

On and on the votes streamed in.  This story would be more interesting if it were close, but The Alchemy of Tacoma, Dawn and Ariel, ruled. 

Once again great works were created.  Each magnificent in their own right.  One even making flickr "post of the day".  What a day it was.

Two hours to post.  Two hours left in Chalk Challenge XI.  Two hours until the champion would be made apparent.  Two hours. Two hours. 2 hrs 


There is a calm now.  An understanding that after a great competition comes rest.  The votes were being tallied, more for second and third. 

Dawn and Ariel reigned supreme as the GREATEST ILLUSTRATOR(S) IN THE WORLD! (of Tacoma).  They would be greeted as champions and crowned.

Songs would be written, stories would be told, records would be etched in the digital firmament.  Trading cards would most likely follow. 

Stowe and mini Stowe, aka Stowe in tow, aka Son of Stowe, aka Barrett came in second.  In a close race that came down to the finish.

Jeremy and his constant companion Garfield placed third.  Those who did not place did not despair for there would be other Fridays. 

There would be more prizes, more wonderful creations and once again the concrete would be cleaned and ready for chalking.  Eye of the tiger.

An officer appeared from the mist.  Frost was the name on his badge.  He walked the sidewalk glancing down along the way at the work there. 

He stopped and hovered over one.  "Get that boy a tattoo gun" he muttered and continued on again, then disappeared back into the mist.

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Oct. 31, 2007 at 10:25am

Look, It's the FeedTacoma Blog

place subtitle here: really: place it here

I like that the blog entry generation is done through a system which reflects the look and feel of FeedTacoma

The general list of formatting tools allow for the basic needs of the push button blogger.  Nice.  There was some general ease with which I could drag and drop the photo in as well.

Plus I could resize it within the post.

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