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Jun. 28, 2008 at 11:58am

ChalkOff Challenge XII (in verse)

A one hour, park taking, art competition to determine the best illustrator in THE UNIVERSE!! (Of Tacoma)

The following is a recap of last week's chalk challenge as recorded over several days, 140 or less characters at a time, via the Beta of Quillpill, an online micro blogging writers site.  This week is in verse.

Caution:  Some verses are cringe worthy, some I am proud of.  Many of both at the same time.


I was at off site meetings for most of the week.

I had to catch up, so I just took a peek,

at the comments and pictures from last Fridays chalking.

The votes and the prizes, the art and the talking.


The gift card  and rentals to Ariel and Dawn.

The victors whose bird held the lead early on.

And as the votes piled up it became certain

that all the other chalker's chances were hurt'n.


The prizes are a bonus and they add to the fun. 

The second place goods went to Stowe and his son.

So how about this week?  What incentives to post

to ensure that each artist would not choose to coast.


There was dinner for four at the India Mahal.

Second place got old clothing, but that was not all.

For those who would scrawl and on their chalk relied,

a full set of colors and sizes supplied.


But first there'd be cleaning by folks like Dave L.

Whose efforts were lauded, whose washing worked well.

Volunteers would be needed to join at Frost Park

to clean off the canvas before it grew dark.


It only takes  fifteen minutes to finish we hear.

And then it's to Doyle's for a well deserved beer.

More enticement to show up was prepped to be viewed.

A strutting Stowe in his skivvies, a trading card GITU'd.


There are cards to be traded, and held and collected.

For victors, their feats all would be recollected.

And if you are not yet aware of the diploma,

Jeremy has graduated to the third greatest of Tacoma.


So come with you chalk and scratch out your best,

Perhaps you'll be "greatest" along with the rest.

Officer Frost will be there if in spirit.

Just pause for a moment and maybe you'll hear it.


"Give a boast, here's your toast"

says our host of a ghost.

Enough talk, don't you balk.

Lay your chalk on the walk.


The tension is mounting, it happens at noon.

It' ten o'clock now so it happens real soon.

Bring yourself, bring your spouse, bring your son,  bring your daughter.

Let's just hope the fountain's been refilled with water.


The day was quite pleasant, the atmosphere sunny,

The warmth was a draw and I'm not being punny.

And slowly they gathered and sat down in spaces,

that allowed for the drawing of ships, cats and faces.


The favorites were there with past victories noted,

whose pieces were strong and moved those who had voted.

But some things were different as one would have hoped.

More artists arrived on the street that was sloped.


Fresh faces to challenge the others who fared,

as solo successes, or sometimes as paired.

The people had gathered the park it was festive.

The artists were pleasant, not rude, loud or restive.


And it happened in moments, the pictures were started.

The fish and the bridge and the Garfield stout hearted.

And the Tall Ship sailed free from the place where it docked. 

Andrea's masts in the drawing were still, but they rocked.


The bird from last week’s winning entry was back. 

But this time the snake and the gnome it attacked.

A torch had been lit both for freedom and yearning,

 with  birds that were drawn under traffic right turning.


Online was suggested that this poem might wrangle

a poster to be made by Beautiful Angle.

The possibilities lingered a moment and with luck it,

might introduce folks to a gnome from Nantucket.


but back to the drawings the reason we gather. 

The voting was fierce and had folks in a lather.

Some loved the hot dogs and some wanted squids,

some wanted newbies and don't forget kids.


Who drew on the stairs and edges of fountain,

with etches of stars and of flags and of mountain.

Look for the creatures from under the sea...

representing our pride for the great two-five-three!!


The voted was scattered like post Christmas elves.

Some voting for others, some voting for selves.

The entries were numerous, the turnout was great,

for those who can't make it, for photos they'd wait.


But we fear that a tear might be shed somewhere near.

A photo not posted is a voice no one can hear.

"I finally made it down, I finally drew

but alas, you see, no-one knew"


"For when the photos were posted online

someone forgot to post a picture of mine. :( "

Logistically speaking this isn't surprising,

but incomplete info may cause an uprising.


How quickly they moved and the fences they mended,

the picture was posted, no one was offended.

The black chalk was gifted, a crow on the wall sat

and was noted as honoring Maureen from Mat Hat.


A shadowy figure was causing commotion,

his bowler in sunlight was constant in motion.

It's hard to imagine without illustration,

So RR made graphic a clear demonstration.


The voting blows fell like a heavyweight fight.

First a vote from the left, then a vote from the right.

The win was uncertain there would be no route,

in this evenly measured, high quality bout.


RR had a chance with a big breakout volley,

he landed hard blows with his runaway trolley.

Some votes were for Kate, some votes cast in a flurry,

some votes went to family, some votes cast for curry.


Some votes they were cast for the newcomer camp,

but most votes were cast for our now four time champ.

Yes Andrea won for her classic Tall Ship.

Which burst forth on the ocean from her chalky grip.


Her name will be shouted above all the crowd,

our maritime champion stands seaworthy and proud.

And thus ends our recap, recorded in verse,

of the exploits of the Greatest Illustrator in the Universe.


Of Tacoma.


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by Erik Hanberg on 6/28/2008 @ 12:47pm
That's really really good fun. Thanks, Droid!

by Mofo from the Hood on 6/28/2008 @ 1:01pm

by Erik on 6/28/2008 @ 5:22pm
Very impressive Andrew.

Great synopsis and poetry. It really gives a great perspective and feel of the chalk offs and the voting.

The voting blows fell like a heavyweight fight.

First a vote from the left, then a vote from the right.

The win was uncertain there would be no route,

in this evenly measured, high quality bout.

So true. Spot on.

by AngelaJossy on 6/28/2008 @ 6:40pm
Fantastic! Good job!

by droid116 on 6/29/2008 @ 11:58am
Thanks. Now to just set it to music.

by Erik on 6/30/2008 @ 10:06pm
Thanks. Now to just set it to music.

Given that this is a political season, here's an option that might be appropriate


Re: Senator and Presidential candidate Sen. Mike Gravel

The clip has two different formats to choose from.


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