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Sep. 10, 2008 at 12:28am

*New* Frost Park Sponsor: Councilmember Tim Farrell

This Friday 9/12/2008 is Frost Park Chalk Off Episode XXIII at noon at 9th and Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma.

All are welcome.

Pierce County Council member Tim Farrell will be the Frost Park Sponsor this week for Episode XXIII.

Make sure and attend Tim's fundraiser tonight:

Here's Tim's event:


Pour at Four Wine Bar
3814 N. 26th St.
Tacoma, WA

Date and Time

September 10, 2008 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Its a meet and greet opportunity and a fundraiser.


Prize No. 1 : Socializing with Tim Farrell at El Gaucho

The victor in Episode XXIII will enjoy having drinks and appetizers with long time Frost Park attendee Tim Farrell. They may bring a friend if they wish.

Tim was instrumental in not only assisting "taking back the park" effort (often in the rain) but attended an uncountable number of chalk off events.

Given Tim's tight schedule, spending unique time with Councilmember Farrell would be enough for a Frost Park Chalk Off Prize.  But there's more, much more.

Prize No. 2:  Tim Pays $50 of Your Tab

Council member Farrell will pay for up to $50 of your bill at El Gaucho.  Suggestion: go there during happy hour.

Prize No. 3 : Revelation of Former Headquarters of Tacoma's Illuminati

Frost Park contestants seek art, adventure and history.  Tim Farrell will deliver on all three.

Tim Farrell knows a great many things about Tacoma including some of the sorted history of the city and county which few people know or speak of.

Tim promises to locate within passages of El Gauchos a Tacoma Illuminati painting which holds a treasure trove of Tacoma history and secrets.

Its all there.  The Illuminati of Tacoma assembled.   Questions to be answered: Who are they?  What are they doing?  How do/did they exercise power? Why is the painting located here?  (no spoilers please)

Does this painting look familiar?  It is.  

As Frost Park historians may recall, Andrea prevailed in Episode X and won a gift certificate to El Gaucho. 

Although she scoured El Gaucho for the Illuminati painting, try as she did, she was never able to locate it.  Our friend Andrea learned only too well that the Tacoma Illuminati do not give up their secrets easily.

Yet, with his experience of Tacoma's buildings, Farrell will lead the victor of Chalk Off Episode XXIII through the passages in El Gaucho to both locate the artwork and reveal the figures drawn in this original commissioned painting.

Thanks Tim!

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by NineInchNachos on 9/10/2008 @ 9:14am

by morgan on 9/10/2008 @ 9:21am
Awesome. Tim is the only elected official I have seen who on their own volition has gone to a Frost Park Chalk Off.

by NineInchNachos on 9/10/2008 @ 9:35am
the mayor ended up at one by accident, does that count?

by Erik on 9/10/2008 @ 11:00am
Awesome. Tim is the only elected official I have seen who on their own volition has gone to a Frost Park Chalk Off.

I think Ryan Mello was there a few times.

the mayor ended up at one by accident, does that count?

Yes. Everyone has their own story about how they ended up in Frost Park.

by Erik on 10/9/2008 @ 2:32am
Tim gets endorsed by the Tribune

DISTRICT 4 (Tacoma): Tim Farrell has scored some significant wins in his first term. Among them was the preservation of additional land near Snake Lake that helped stave off encroachment on an important oasis of nature in the middle of Tacoma.He also helped champion the county’s innovative transfer-of-development-rights program that will help save many other open spaces.

His opponent, independent candidate Ken Paulson, accuses the county of often not doing its homework. He does not make a case for replacing Farrell.


by Erik on 10/9/2008 @ 2:33am
Al Rose for County County gets endorsed as well as being better on growth management:

Rose, a Puyallup resident, has been active in the community, having served on the Summit-View Land Use Advisory Commission and as current chair of the Pierce County Library Board. He has a good grasp of land-use issues in the county and a formidable knowledge of issues involving public safety – which eats up the lion’s share of the county budget.

Although The News Tribune editorial board has consistently endorsed McDonald for the Legislature, we believe she is not the best choice – not this year, anyway – for the County Council.

Unfortunately, the council’s Republican majority has shown a tendency to relax land-use restrictions that preserve rural areas and spare taxpayers the costs of poorly controlled development. McDonald’s election would turn that majority into a supermajority. She has a mind of her own, but any Republican – like any Democrat – is bound to take party-line votes at times.