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Aug. 5, 2008 at 12:10am

Tribune Reports: Iron Artists Di Nino & Lupin to Faceoff

Iron Artist Competition At TAM

The Tacoma Art Museum will hold a Iron Artist contest on August 8th at 6:00 p.m.

Lynn Di Nino (center).  Photo courtesy of Tacoma Art Museum

Here's the video from last year's competition.  Pretty intense:

The Tribune reports

It's back--the Iron Artist Competition at Tacoma Art Museum.

...a collection of brave local artists attempted to create a work of art in just one hour, using identical materials unknown until the start of the competition. Apparently last year's competition was so successful (folks lined the mezzanine balcony to get a good view) that TAM is holding it again this year.

The article mentions two artists who will be competing, both of which are  Frost Park attendees.

This year, say the TAM folks, the Midsummer Festival's theme of Renaissance might play a part. The 15 artist teams--who include some of last year's challengers, plus newcomers like chalk art diva Andrea Trenbeath Lowen--need to be willing to, in the words of the TAM application, "work quickly, work well, work under pressure, explain the artwork in an attempt to gain votes and be a good sport."
(Chalk Diva? Funny)

Iron Art Contest Rules

Perhaps one of the reasons I like the Iron Artist Competition is that it has rules similar to Frost Park:

The Iron Artist competition will begin at 6:00 pm and last for 60 minutes.      The Iron Artist winner will be chosen by popular vote.

Lynn and Andrea may seem a bit different at first.  However, they share alot in common.

They both have artistic personas:

Lynn with Concrete Martyr Necklace               Andrea as a Poltergeist

Both Attend Frost Park Chalk Offs:


Both Artists Have Written Artistic Statements Involving Animals

Lynn's Artistic Statement

Because animals are beautiful (even the ugly ones), can be so easily personified, are silly at times, have curves, and come in such a variety of packages - I am constantly, and permanently inspired.

Andrea's Artistic Statement

Tools of the Trade (for art): anything I can get my hands on - even dead animals aren't safe.

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by Erik on 8/5/2008 @ 12:40am
Cool bonus pictures of Lynn Di Nino


by Dave_L on 8/5/2008 @ 12:57pm
There was nice mention of Andrea's participation in the event in TNT’s Go! Arts blog, as well as section E in today’s paper. To me, it was unfortunate that the writer called her “graffiti diva” which I think was way off-mark (the graffiti part). Maybe it's because Andrea can draw on concrete, but she's much more than that. Lupins are everywhere. (I’ll keep using that line until someone acknowledges the Monty Python reference.)

by Erik on 8/5/2008 @ 1:07pm
To me, it was unfortunate that the writer called her “graffiti diva” which I think was way off-mark (the graffiti part).

Yes, you are right Dave. I emailed Rosemary at the Tribune "Go Arts" blog about it and asked them to correct the error.

The mis statement essentially characterized the entire Frost Park event as "graffiti" which usually confers that it is illegal. I was surprised because Rosemary had already written on Frost Park "chalkings."

The Tribune has now corrected the error. They now call Andrea a "chalk art diva." I think everyone can live with that.


I have update the post as well.

by Dave_L on 8/5/2008 @ 1:36pm
Wait - Now it says chalk-art bigot! (Just kidding.)
Cool, Erik; that's neat that they re-worded it.

by Dave_L on 8/8/2008 @ 10:44am
I heard there will be one more Frost Park regular competing on a team at tonight's Iron Artist competition. But when this person told me, I agreed not divulge their identity. :-)

by dawntown on 8/8/2008 @ 2:01pm
Watch out, DiNino! Andrea is pulling a suprise attack on your west flank...called in some big guns to help take over the TAM tonite!

by Erik on 8/8/2008 @ 2:13pm
Watch out, DiNino! Andrea is pulling a suprise attack on your west flank...called in some big guns to help take over the TAM tonite!

This is going to be fun. Lynn was at Frost Park tonight but her computer had broken down so she has not seen her write up yet.

We will see how Andrea does when she has to enter the fray without chalk, paint, or charcoal.

by jcbetty on 8/8/2008 @ 10:10pm
it was a valiant fight, yet in the end it was another monkey whose team walked (and wheeled) away victorious--Team Sue Pivetta!!

--good times!

by ALT on 8/9/2008 @ 10:45am
Whew - that was a test of endurance, I'll tell ya! The whole day turned out to be a real marathon for me and if I hadn't amassed myself a crew at the last minute I would have been a sad spectacle indeed. Thank you Stowe, Kathy, and Dawn for your creative muscle! Laura: maybe a fiver person team would have been a good idea! After that experience I'd have to say that us Iron Maidens could have used as much help as possible!

We had made ourselves an "Altar of Religious Artifacts" including an Artistic Ark of the Covenant, a broken tablet of "The Rules", and a Turin-esque shroud. Kathy cut out amazingly symmetrical lettering from the art books provided, spelling out "Unstable Art" and embossing all with gold paint over our table space-turned altar. Stowe used his creative innovation to help create a colorful interpretation of the Ark of the Covenant, complete with a base made of art books. Dawn whipped up some adorable angels made from little white muffin holders, giving them faces cut out from various portrait images. All were added to our "ark", the angels flying out of the holy relic amidst lightning-like pipe cleaners and flames of orange and red crepe paper.

During the voting process I stole away for a glass of chardonnay and a glimpse of the Illuminated Word exhibit. I had been dying to see it since its opening. I ended up getting a bit lost in the gilded artistry of this modern take on the illuminated manuscripts and - surprise, surprise - I missed the voting results. I stepped out onto the patio at 7:45 which is when I thought the vote tallying would be about finished. I must have just missed it.

I had also missed the interviewing, leaving my teammates to explain our piece. Sorry guys! I had been expecting the interviewing to take place during the art assembly. Shortly after we had frantically plunged into our task I had forgotten all about it.

Thanks again guys! We put up a good fight, no doubt.

by kathy on 8/10/2008 @ 12:00am
Andrea, thanks so much for letting us join your team!!
We were on the waiting list, and would not have had a chance to participate without you.

Here is a photo of the team
Team "Unstable Art"

And some photos of our collaborative entry...
Unstable Art Iron Artist

Unstable Art detail Iron Artist

by dawntown on 8/10/2008 @ 2:50am
That little guardian angels looks over me while I drive. Keeps me from getting speeding tickets.

by Erik on 8/10/2008 @ 10:23am
Great work team Unstable Art.

The word of Kathy's cut out lettering skills was swirling around downtown Tacoma soon after the piece was completed as well as Andrea's alpha leadership skills and other factoids.

I almost made it a number of times but kept getting sidetracked. No matter where I was though downtown, I kept getting updates on the Iron Artist event, the UA team as well as about Dave L. and Lynn's team.

Hopefully, they made a video of this years event.

by Dave_L on 8/10/2008 @ 11:55am
I was loads of fun! My Jones Soda bottle-cap I got from the Red Hot last week said “Your appreciation of the arts will bring to you new opportunities,” and being asked to be on Lynn’s team with Jennevieve Schlemmer was a fantastic opportunity. (I was pressured into wearing a hat - It was almost one with chicken feet on it.) Lynn’s experience from last year’s event proved invaluable. Above all looking to have a good time, we did enter with a lot of confidence and every tool we thought we could possibly use, including paper shredder, cordless drill, saw, and eggbeater. Each person on our team likes to build things, so it was fun working as a team as our piece, a chalice, evolved. Thinking that Erik (who pitted the two teams together) was around, I tried to taunt and distract my friends on the Unstable Art team who were next to us, but once the clock got started, it became too intense to become distracted. I thought it was fitting that team UA created and carried out a fantastic Ark of the Covenant. I didn’t take any photos, but for the entire hour I did see a lot of cameras out of the corner of my eye, so I’m sure some footage will surface. I think the pieces will be on display at the enxt 100th Monkey. I agree they should have allowed the teams to explain their work before the voting, but I’m sure they will improve upon the event each year. Thanks to Lynn and Jennevieve, and thanks to the TAM staff and volunteers who put together the event, and the clean-up crew who had quite a job afterwards. We squeaked into third place, a nice reward after leaving some flesh on the Frost Park concrete, and then burning some with hot-melt glue at TAM. :-)