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Mar. 16, 2010 at 10:18pm

Progressive Dinner Tomorrow Night!

Dinner: 6 Olives, Live Band: Studio 6

Wednesday March 17, 2010!

Dinner at 6 Olives followed by Live Band dancing and dessert here at the Studio!

Option 1: 30 dollars for Dinner (includes appetizer), lesson & Dance
Option 2: 15 dollars for Lesson, Dance, and dessert only!
Option 3: 10 dollars for Dancing only!

Times Available: 5:30PM or 7:30PM (Please note that we do have limited seating, so be sure to get those tickets ASAP either online or by phone, number included below)

Meet your group and your guide at 6 Olives by your seating time (feel free to arrive early & order your drinks!).

Come by yourself, with another, or with friends! If you miss your seating time, you can catch up with your group wherever they are at.


"Small Plate versions" served (very filling!).
Vegetarian/Alternatives available upon request at time of purchase

6 Olives

App: Chicken Caesar Lettuce Wraps - Romaine boats dressed Caesar style with slices of grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper.

Dinner: Chicken Naan'wich - Grilled chicken breast sandwiched on grilled Indian Naan bread with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, munster, fresh spinach and mayo. Served with dipping fries.

Vegetarian alternative

App: Blue Toast - Rustic bread topped with gorgonzola and candied pecans and oven roasted.

Dinner: 6 Olives Salad - Tossed greens, candied pecans, gorgonzola, green apple, and our balsamic dijon vinaigrette
About Fries Nirvana: Our famous fries tossed with white truffle oil, garlic, parsley, and parmesan cheese


Featuring Dessert by 6 Olives (Trifle), Coffee by Origin 23, tea plus...
live band back by popular demand--the fabulous Maia Santell & House Blend! Band begins at 7:30p

Your ticket includes your food at each stop plus dessert, coffee, tea & live band at Studio 6. Please enjoy trying the wonderful drinks 6 Olives is famous for and tips are much appreciated!.

For more information or to order your tickets:

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