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soccer in WA is doing some fancy things

They aren't sure where they will play or if it will actually be in Tacoma yet.  This new league is very ambitious though and is looking to do promotion and relegation eventually.  I just hope that this team which represents the "south sound" does amazing and that eventually Tacoma get's her own team to cheer for.  

The official announcement from the EPLwa:

TACOMA, WA (August 9) — The Evergreen Premier League officially announces today that the South Sound Football Club has been accepted into the new elite statewide adult men’s soccer league that begins play in 2014. Known as the “Shock,” South Sound FC was founded in Tacoma in 2009.

“We have built this club over the past three-to-four years to compete at a very high level in the indoor and outdoor arena and intend to use the EPLWA to further proliferate our development of young and hopeful future professionals,” says SSFC founder and owner John Crouch.

“Interest continues to grow with players in our region to play for the South Sound FC and we look forward to growing that by playing in the EPLWA in the South Sound region. Our offices are based in Tacoma and we would ideally like to play in Tacoma proper but are entertaining ideas about venue, and we will look to expand management in the club to metabolize the growth that this opportunity will bring.”

The Shock are already a competitive, championship-winning side in the Northwest Division of the Premier Arena Soccer League (PASL). Last season the indoor Shock advanced to the national finals in San Diego after winning the Northwest. Meanwhile the outdoor club just finished third in the entire country in the 2013 United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) national U-23 tournament.

“South Sound is exactly the type of club that the EPLWA was created for,” says Evergreen Premier League Coordinator David Falk. “They are the definition of a local football club in greater Puget Sound. Founded by players and supported by locals, families and Tacoma-area businesses.”

About South Sound Football Club

South Sound FC was independently founded in 2009 and grew into a Tacoma-area club both indoors and outdoors in the following years. The non-profit side has its history in the All Nations Cup, where many of the players have played and where founder John Crouch has managed “Team USA” for several years. The red, white and blue “All-American” theme in the club crest honors those origins. Out of the ANC experience SSFC was born.

Visit SSFC online at: and

About the EPLWA

The Evergreen Premier League is an elite adult men’s soccer league for college and post-college age players to feature their skills on hometown clubs throughout the state of Washington. The league’s mission is to cultivate “football club” culture while providing opportunities for coaches, owners, supporters, players and towns to enjoy the sport and all of the community-building it can bring. and both currently redirect to the club’s Facebook page.

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