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Jan. 29, 2014 at 6:35pm

Inaugural Chapter Celebration!

Congratulations! Tacoma is chapter 110

COME CELEBRATE WITH AMERICAN OUTLAWS TACOMA as we watch a friendly soccer match as a friendly community. 

Membership is not necessary and all are welcome to help us celebrate our inauguration as the 110th chapter of American Outlaws nationwide. If you love soccer, the US, Tacoma, or any combination therin please come watch soccer with us this Saturday. 

2/1, 2:00pm at Doyle's Public House for the US Mens National Team match vs South Korea. We will be raffling off prizes at halftime & fulltime. Golazo will be on site with drink specials & Wingman Brewers Tacoma will have beer on tap. 

If you want the same details via the book:

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