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Sep. 15, 2013 at 12:04pm

It shouldn't be impossible to play in Tacoma.

someone on some advisory board, should make it possible

The South Sound Shock is trying their hardest to find a place to play in Tacoma.  But apparently Tacoma School Districts rent for fields is outrageously higher than they might find in some of our neighbors venues.  Is it time for another team to play in University Place?  I mean, I see Puyallup as the Greater Tacoma area and love all of our local family.  But there is something about location.  Does it really feel the same cheering for the Sounders when they are on their home turf in Tukwila?  If they want to be a Tacoma team, we should accommodate.  The more higher level sports we have, the more healthy habits and role models will be accessible to Tacoma children.  Somebody think of the children!!!

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by fredo on 9/16/2013 @ 9:53am
Tacoma also has higher sales taxes, property taxes, b &. O taxes, and business licensing fees than many neighboring localities. We should try to accommodate the people who want to establish their homes and businesses here. Think of the children!

by inbloodyrise on 9/17/2013 @ 9:33am
I know, right?  It's not like we're in a potato famine or something.  Why are we eating children?


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