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Mar. 21, 2008 at 2:59pm

Give me some money

If I've ever made you smile, laugh or cry feel free to paypal me some money.

suggested amount: $5 bucks

Paypal rox.

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by KevinFreitas on 3/21/2008 @ 3:06pm
So much crying... Perhaps a donation just so you don't beat me with your words anymore. The pain.

by NineInchNachos on 3/21/2008 @ 3:07pm
hey who do you think you are? Exit133?

Give Meeeeeee zthe Moneey!

by Erik on 3/21/2008 @ 3:10pm
I think a sponsorship, advertising, or simply donating is good.

People pay for page and ad views and traffic. Why not advertise locally on blogs? Or just donate. Plus, it saves paper.

Wikipedia has a donate page:

Feed Tacoma could have one to raise money for ads or to have the Frost Park event catered.

Many of us pay Qwest large sums of money for advertising. Why not a bit for local blogs?

Here's a donate page for Obama:

And finally a "tip jar" for Obama Girl:

by intacoma on 3/21/2008 @ 3:11pm
I need some new shoes all of this "going local" is really putting lots of wear and tear on my nikes

by intacoma on 3/21/2008 @ 3:12pm
If you donate I'll put your name on a piece of paper in my apt that I will keep for 1 month, after that I will recycle it

by intacoma on 3/21/2008 @ 3:15pm
Current Sponsors:

by intacoma on 3/21/2008 @ 3:21pm
Erik less talking and more donating

by KevinFreitas on 3/21/2008 @ 3:22pm
Feed Tacoma could have one to raise money for ads or to have the Frost Park event catered.

I've given plenty of thought to ads and donations and will always do my best to avoid it. I can't stand ads on websites and don't see much point in charging any kind of premium for people to express their thoughts and perspectives on Tacoma. FeedTacoma is a volunteer project for me so this is a way I can use some of my ideas and web development skills to give back to a great community.

I believe ads and other financial contributions would tint the perception of influence here and I don't think it would be fair to the variety of contributors to take advantage of their work by trying to gain financially from it.

by intacoma on 3/21/2008 @ 3:23pm
the less talking goes to you too kf

by intacoma on 3/21/2008 @ 3:24pm
come on people... I need a new digital camera, my camera ended up in the wash last night

by Erik on 3/21/2008 @ 3:29pm
come on people... I need a new digital camera, my camera ended up in the wash last night

The cup cake video was pretty good you shot.

If Hip Hop 253 goes. Perhaps you will sell ad there.

I think it has to be something significant to mes around with. Plus ads tend to clutter sites up pretty bad.

by KevinFreitas on 3/21/2008 @ 3:35pm
I think it has to be something significant to mes around with.

What has to be significant? 253HipHop is a really busy site that will easily be able to sell ads if they want. Likewise here but my aim is to always keep things free and open with as few barriers to entry by anyone as possible -- that includes commenters, contributors, local business and government alike.

Participating online should be a utility like water or power that's just always available. Only, unlike those, I prefer to keep it free.

by jenyum on 3/21/2008 @ 4:33pm
Eh, I don't have a day job.

Sensibly priced online advertising should be a good thing for local companies. And for me. Therefore, I am for it.

by jenyum on 3/21/2008 @ 4:44pm
...but I'm glad the Feed doesn't have to have it. I'm just not in that position. Derek no longer has a "day job" either, right?

by izenmania on 3/21/2008 @ 4:46pm
Ads to raise money for catering the park get-togethers? I think the more practical move, as the Pink Cookie bombardment has demonstrated, is that local restaurants agreeing to bring food down will gain advertising by virtue of having fed 30 people who will then go and write about it on the internet.

by Erik on 3/21/2008 @ 4:55pm
Look's like Exit 133 has gotten at least one public supporter from funkomavintage:

I'm a Cheap Supporter !

Derek, you should not have tempted me...You know I'm a Cheap Date (well vodka for me, thanks!)

So there ya go...there's your 2.66 from us.

Spend it wisely!

Dear Tressie Schindele,

This email confirms that you have paid Exit133 ( $2.66 USD using PayPal.

(Note: the $2.66 is double the Exit 133 minimum to qualify as a supporter. I suspect it was meant to count for two people)

by ensie on 3/21/2008 @ 5:23pm
Derek no longer has a "day job" either, right?

But he is apparently too busy to write the "Thank You"/request for funds himself.

by Erik Hanberg on 3/21/2008 @ 5:31pm
ensie ... ???

That's the paypal receipt she's quoting. That's identical to what all paypal receipts look like.

by KevinFreitas on 3/21/2008 @ 5:36pm
It's definitely automated but I think the "thank you" is the list itself. His current position, according to LinkedIn, is "Entrepreneur & Civic Moderator" as well as "Partner" in both Exit133, LLC and Suite133.

by FunkomaVintage on 3/21/2008 @ 6:29pm
there should be an even lower category for cheapies like me....perhaps Arsenic Level.......that's so Tacoma (well,Ruston, but let's not quibble shall we?) And that's Real, baby! I did do it.

by Erik on 3/21/2008 @ 7:44pm
Based on the leadership of funkomavintage, Tacoma Urbanist has become an Exit 133 "Gold Level Supporter" and will receive all of the benefits therein. That places me on par with Pierce County Council member Tim Farrell.

Transaction ID: 47542988S43045245
Item Price: $26.60 USD
Total: $26.60 USD
Order Description: Exit133 Supporter
The following options were included with this payment: url:
Name: Tacoma Urbanist

(Let's see, if all 508 registered Exit 133 forum users became Gold Level Supporters, that would add up to ..... quite a lot.)

I will pre-empt RR's anticipated comment a bit here:

by KevinFreitas on 3/21/2008 @ 9:59pm
Erik: Your status is now secure. Sleep well.

by izenmania on 3/21/2008 @ 11:55pm
If I've ever made you smile, laugh or cry

Sorry, no... you just leave me cold and dead inside.

by intacoma on 3/22/2008 @ 7:16am
The donations are pouring in thx! Tell ya what, if I raise enough for a dinner for two, I'll take Whitney out on a date. (If she accepts)

by Erik on 3/23/2008 @ 8:25pm
For general information:

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* Andrew Fry
* Evergreen Rowing
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* Go Local Tacoma

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