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Jun. 18, 2008 at 6:56pm

Jim the treasury guy

come on man

so here I am live eating at the hub, enjoying a beer or two, I see erik and marty and this guy preaching named jim. Things I noticed... he has no idea where the Murray morgan bridge is and he doesnt know that the "auto museum" they are building is called the lemay car museum. 

Step up your game Jim.

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by intacoma on 6/18/2008 @ 6:59pm
also ive never seen so many pleaded kakis in one room

by jcbetty on 6/18/2008 @ 7:06pm
--pleated. unless they're pleading, I guess.

by Erik on 6/18/2008 @ 8:19pm
Step up your game Jim.

Are you kidding? Of course he knows where the bridge is and where the Lemay Museum is going to be built.

BTW, Jim rules. He was Frost Park Chalk Off sponsor for Episode X and his campaign manager is co-editor of the Tacoma Sun.

Finally, he held his event at The Hub rather than the Olive Garden which exactly what we want politicians to do.

With that said, hes not your normal politician as he is far more educated than most of them:

Rep. McIntire has a private economic consulting practice with a national company and has been on the faculty of the UW's Evans School of Public Affairs since 1983, where he teaches economics and government. Prior to his election, he was director of the Fiscal Policy Center at the UW, and was appointed by Governor's Lowry and Locke to Chair the Community Economic Revitalization Board, where he served for four years

by intacoma on 6/19/2008 @ 8:58am
I guess you weren't watching when he did his speech, I'll quote him,

"I know there is a bridge around here somewhere that needs help" (This is where he pointed in the wrong direction)

We talked afterwords, indeed nice guy and I will read up on his thoughts so when the time comes the right vote will be made.

I also thanked him for coming to Tacoma since hes a Seattleman I know its scary down here ;)~

Andrew Austin was kind enough to apologize for getting in our space while we tried to enjoy our dinner. I wish the hub staff would have just seated us in the front since we had no idea it was going to get so full.

Jim was right though he needs younger people on board, I would say the majority of his supporters there were middle/upperclass white people.

by intacoma on 6/19/2008 @ 9:00am
It was like this except the people were mostly late 40s

by Heather on 6/19/2008 @ 9:53am
So, you support who? And why?

And what is wrong with khakis? Just a comfortable alternative to the PNW uniform of blue jeans.

P.S. There are no pleats in your picture.

by intacoma on 6/19/2008 @ 9:56am
just use your imagination

by intacoma on 6/19/2008 @ 9:59am

better photo with pleates for heather

by Annie J on 6/19/2008 @ 12:35pm
Yeah I also thought it was weird they were sitting people back there too. At first I thought you were there for the fundraiser. However, it was a nice event and not everyone there was over 40! :)

Personally, I thought the crowd was pretty typical of a political fundraiser but maybe that's just because I've been to a lot of them. His mention of local things/issues (LeMay Museum, Russell, Murray Morgan Bridge) was a nice touch.

by intacoma on 6/19/2008 @ 12:38pm
Yea was good to see you there!