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Apr. 15, 2011 at 10:57am

I am participating in the 2011 MDA Jailbird Lockup

So I am participating in the MDA Jailbird Lockup this year on the 5th of May!

Please help with a donation. You can make on online at: https://www.joinmda.org/MyLockup/MyHomepage/tabid/209428/Participant/stowe/Default.aspx

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Mar. 24, 2010 at 12:12pm


Win, Lose or CLAW!

Tonight is CLAW's monthly open meeting where fez wearing, Tacoma area, absurd cartoonists attempt to co-mingle with the less absurd local citizenry. And tonight, not only will members of the CLAW open their private functions to the scrutiny of the masses, but they will also play a game with them. (That whole last sentence sounded vaguely dirty). Tonight only CLAW will host the first ever "Win, Lose or CLAW' drawing competition"!

Members in attendance will form two equal teams with any and all willing volunteers and visitors to play a game of Pictionary the likes the world has NEVER SEEN!!! Both teams will be playing for a coveted early basket of Easter candy recently recovered from the back of a certain Bunny's delivery truck.

I urge you all to attend. You are not required to play but you are encouraged to do so. 

I also invite people to leave drawing subject suggestions here in the comment section below. Don't be nice with the suggestion subjects either... we are PROFESSIONAL CARTOONISTS!!!

Hopefully there will also be a live streaming video of the event that will be posted here later tonight.


March CLAW Open Swim Meeting

Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. March. 24th 2010
The Mandolin Caf�
3923 S 12th St
Tacoma, WA 98405

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Oct. 2, 2009 at 9:38pm

24 Hour Comic Book Day

Join C.L.A.W. Artists at Comic Book Ink!

So it is finally here. 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY!

Tomorrow I will be locked in a comic book store for 24 hours and must complete 24 comic book pages.

To further complicate things... I have challenged a veteran illustrator, webcomic creator and esteemed brother of C.L.A.W. that I can complete my 24 pages before he completes HIS 24 pages. I've been extra g-damned cocky about it too (hell, just look at this poster).

So all day (and night) tomorrow you will find me (and co-founding members of the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians Mark Monlux and Ryan "RXR" Anderson) at Comic Book Ink (1625 East 72nd, Suite 800 Tacoma, WA)!

As an incentive to come visit me there... anyone that brings me food and cheers me on in my quest to beat Mark Monlux's page count will automatically be drawn INTO the comic page I am working on AT THAT VERY MOMENT... LIVE!

I will be posting my progress on my Art Blog (http://jamesstowe.blogspot.com) throughout the day tomorrow so check there often...

I hope to see you at Comic Book Ink tomorrow... Wish me luck.

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Jul. 6, 2009 at 11:31am

Daddy's Nutshot of the Day


I've recently started a autobiographical webcomic over on my art blog. I figure I'd share this one here... in hopes of spreading around the joy that can be had from fatherhood (and crotch shots).

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May. 19, 2009 at 9:08am

Whitman Elementary on lockdown?

Apparently the school right by my house (Whitman Elementary) is on lockdown because there because men with guns have been sighted. My neighbor was dropping her kids off and now she is trapped inside. She texted my wife from the cafeteria.

Anyone know anything?

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Oct. 22, 2008 at 7:52am

The 2008 Frosties

Frost Park Chalk Off Awards of Excellence and Achievement (in Tacoma)

I am pleased to announce the first ever...

By clicking on the (stylish) 2008 Frosties banner on the Feed>>Tacoma homepage you will be taken to a special voting page (also located directly here: The 2008 Frosties!) that will allow you (yes, you) to vote for your favorite Chalkie in this first ever end of the season GALA award celebration. There are ten categories to vote in with nominees hand selected by a super secret cadre of qualified and confidential judges.  The power is now in your hands. Go to the special voting page and make your selections NOW! But make them carefully. Each person only gets one vote and the voting results will not be revealed until Saturday night at the...


In the soon to reopen...




So... if original art, fellowship, pay bar, delicious free signature food items and free entrée previews were NOT ENOUGH to get you to go to the Frost Park Retrospective Art Show then now we have sweetened the pot by adding a real live...


So... Vote now here on Feed>>Tacoma and congratulate the winners in person on Saturday night. 


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Oct. 14, 2008 at 10:12am

Stoweckies Project

Since it is a slow Tuesday here on the Feed I thought I give everyone a little project.

I have been disappointed by my lack of art posts on my art blog (http://jamesstowe.blogspot.com) this month. I love October and I love Halloween and I should really be banging out the art. But I am busy at work and at home and I haven't been motivated to begin any new projects.

With that being said... I am going to try a series of quick Stowe digital doodles for the month of October I'm calling "Stoweckies" (cause, honestly, I felt the need to call them SOMETHING). And this is where I need your help, faithful blog stalker. I need suggestions on what to draw. I want to be monster themed but add some random flair so... how about Monster + Something Completely Random = Stoweckie.

For example:

Follow me?

Good. Add your suggestions in the comments or on my art blog at http://jamesstowe.blogspot.com/2008/10/stoweckies-project.html

I promise to do at least one a day, even on weekends up until Halloween. That way I am posting but not taking alot of time up doing it.

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Sep. 4, 2008 at 1:50pm

custom screen print question

Odd transplant question here...

I am looking for a local screen printer that can do a low yield (only like 9-12) shirt custom one color screen print job for me. 

I've looked online and I've found zero local options. I don't want to use an internet vendor if i don't have too but my deadline is coming up and I want to get this taken care of. 

If anyone knows the name of a company here in T-Town that would entertain the idea of such a job...please comment away.

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Aug. 22, 2008 at 3:53pm

The Frost Park Retrospective Art Show!

Host by and at the Herban Cafe

I am posting to share with everyone the idea I have for the Herban Art Show that was donated as a prize for the 16th Chalk Off a few weeks ago. I've talked with Steve and Gretchen of Pinwheel Catering, with Eric and with several of the past Chalk Off winners already about it and now I am ready to share it with the Blog-O-Sphere en-mass.

The Pinwheel/Pink Cookie cats have very graciously donated every blank wall they have for the display of art work. Having seen the space available I am fairly confident that I would never, ever be able to fill the space with my work alone.


This is my plan. I would like to use the donated show and catered opening as the first ever Frost Park Retrospective Art Show! I have invited each of the past winners to contribute a new piece of art especially made for the Herban Cafe show that is a reimagining of one of their favorite chalk off pieces. In creating new permanent hangable work for this show my idea is that we can relive and recapture of the great impermanent art that was created over the last couple of months. 

In order to give each of everyone enough time to create new pieces I have cleared it with Stephen and Gretchen to have the opening on the 18th of October instead of the 20th of September. 

Along side these specifically created pieces I would also like to invite anyone that has created promotional material (banners, posters, poems, trading cards) for the Chalk Offs to prepare them for the show as well.

I am also inviting anyone who has taken gallery quality photographs to display their work and photographs was well. There are many loyal photogs at Frost Park each week... and their photos would really add to the event. I am also asking for volunteers to speak at the opening as well. If you have Frost Park inspired prose, poems or stories I would like to hear from you.

I want this show and the opening to be a celebration of this unique community art project. I can't think of a better use for the prize and for the space. By Oct. 18th I imagine the weather may be drawing down to the point that the Chalk Offs will take a hiatus until next spring anyway. It would be a wonderful way to close the chalk season.

Let me know your thoughts and if you are personally interested in participating. 

You can email me at: Jamesstoweart@gmail.com if you have questions or wish to volunteer off 'comment'.

I am really excited about doing this and I hope the idea inspires you as well.

Frost Park Retrospective Art Show!

Opening Oct. 18th

Chalk Inspired Paintings, Photos, Friends and Food!

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Aug. 20, 2008 at 7:08pm

The Perfect Night in Tacoma

For a Sceneless Unhip Fat Dude

This Saturday is shaping up to be a confluence of awesome usually reserved only for celestial events.

If reports are to be believed the beloved Gari of Sushi is reopening this weekend. believe me when I say it is the best reason to live in the Lincoln District. I know, I can literally walk there from where I live. 

Add to that a Dockyard Derby Dames bout at the Tacoma Soccer Center and you have a match made in heaven. 

I encourage everyone that enjoys top notch raw fish, mean chicks in togas and breathing to check out one or both of these events this Saturday.

I know Courtney and I are going to try to take in both and I welcome everyone to join us.


1209 S. 38th St.

Lincoln District



Tacoma Soccer Center

2610 Bay Street East

Doors open at 6 / Derby at 7

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