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Jun. 5, 2008 at 9:44am

Evil Dead 2 at Red Hot tonight

According to a dry erase sign behind the bar the Red Hot will be screening the classic horror film Evil Dead 2 tonight at 8pm with a raffle afterwards.

I for one am definitely going to be there. Evil Dead 2 is one of a Raimi's best flicks and a perfect example of well executed Type 5 cinematic zombies.


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by dawntown on 6/5/2008 @ 9:55am
Me and snowflake should be there, bubba

by AP on 6/5/2008 @ 9:58am
..just curious what Type 5 means..

by Mandiferous on 6/5/2008 @ 10:02am
I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your so-- hey, hotdogs!

by jamesstoweart on 6/5/2008 @ 10:02am
Better know Your Zombie!

Soul swallowing zombies are created following the reading of unholy texts, tree rape or the ingestion of previously possessed zombie body parts. Often an immediate physical mutation occurs, resulting in a fast moving zombie. Similar to the alien parasite zombie, the soul swallowing zombie's purpose is to perpetuate the collective of possessed zombies. While not necessarily intelligent or cunning, they do possess the ability of speech and will taunt or "bully" humans in an effort to enrage or enfrenzy them. They can and will murder the human in question following the taunting.

HOW TO KILL IT: Fairly easy to kill, the soul swallower can usually be stopped by dismemberment with a chain saw or other rotary power cutting tool. Care must be taken to dispose of the body parts correctly, through burning or burial in consecrated ground, to prevent further re-possession, tree rape or zombie part ingestion.

by jamesstoweart on 6/5/2008 @ 10:03am
Stowe... repository of all zombie knowledge.

by WaywardScooterGirl on 6/5/2008 @ 10:06am
I'm there...though from the look of current weather conditions, I will probably have to go home and get the Jeep. Sigh.

by izenmania on 6/5/2008 @ 10:13am
I was already planning to be there with my two houseguests... even more so when I asked Megan and learned that it was a zombie theme month, and even more more so now that I know which particular film it is.

by KevinFreitas on 6/5/2008 @ 3:22pm
Ooo, I may have to stop by. I'll go home and get the Vespa -- damn the weather! Put on some rain gear and join the gang, Wayward. Dawn, you still planning on brining Snowflake? AP, how 'bout your loaner?

by WaywardScooterGirl on 6/5/2008 @ 3:40pm
Oh, I will be there one way or the other. But if I bring the Scarabeo (will you do the fandango...) I wouldn't necessarily let myself have beer. Hard to decide...

by KevinFreitas on 6/5/2008 @ 3:40pm
Crap, 8pm -- not supposed to be riding my rig after dark. Guess I could stay for an hour or so.

@Warward: Plenty of good Jones to be had. And don't forget all the yummy Jaritos flavors!

by WaywardScooterGirl on 6/5/2008 @ 3:46pm
Yeah, I'm not supposed to be riding after dark either.

by intacoma on 6/5/2008 @ 4:02pm
i wont tell if you dont

by KevinFreitas on 6/5/2008 @ 4:10pm
@Wayward: It's settled then. See you tonight!

by Dave L. on 6/5/2008 @ 4:46pm
Any reason to go to TRH. I'm gonna try to make it in time for the epilogue. Hopefully before they put the hot dogs away. Will bring my old 12V Makita rotary cutter just in case it's a trap.

by KevinFreitas on 6/5/2008 @ 6:16pm
Lovely weather we're having. Sure hope the other scooterers still plan to represent...