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Jun. 4, 2008 at 4:51pm

activating, now.

(growing out of my hermit shell)

I kind of did a flip the calendar to a new month and new attitude thing, and decided to get away from the stamp organizing, house-cleaning, Flava of Love watching rut I was getting into, and to once again become A Vital, Living Human.

To that end, on Sunday I enjoyed a lovely meeting, outing, and beering on teh first ever Feed Tacoma bike group; it felt good to be in the saddle, it felt good to meet new friends, it felt good to reconnect, and dang, did that beer feel good going down.  I look forward to many more rides and good times ahead.

Monday found me seeing the trainer who's kept me from gaining 50 pounds since The Man's departure, and it was once again a grueling session with many new and innovative ways to make me grunt, hiss, and make otherwise inappropriate sounds while oozing sweat from my pores.  Pretty picture, no?

Monday night, I reconnected once again with a favorite (brand new!) active pursuit: ballet.  I recently joined up with MLK Ballet's adult class and learned that I can fumble through French terms and toe-pointing gesticulations, and get a sweat rolling and an awesome workout in the process.  Oh yeah, and gain a better appreciation for a.  my own abilities and limitations, and b. the immense value of those talented in that particular arena.  It's been amazingly cool and empowering in ways I didn't expect it to be; to challenge myself as an adult to do something I told myself I *couldn't* do because I'm a graceless clod, and then to just do it (and be accepted even if it's not done well) --wow.  Kate Monthy is an absolutely amazing, gifted teacher who has the ability to break things down into very tangible, doable way, despite being one of the more deific and celestial entities in local dance (Seattle dance too, who'm I kidding.)

Naturally, Tuesday morning saw me with aches in more muscles than I knew I had, and as I stretched like a cat, I smiled like the Cheshire cat, knowing that those pains meant my body was waking up.  

AND YET, there was to be more.  During The Kid's class with Teacher Kate, I decided to do an Art Run, starting at the Urban Grace Church, cutting across in front of the Hotel Murano (dang, that's a cool sculpture!) and then heading down to Tollefson Plaza (I do think it's beautifully designed), in front of TAM, down to the History Museum, past that stupid fence, over the Bridge of Glass, down the wheelchair access ramps, and then up, up, up the MOG steps, across the bridge, and up, up, up the UWT steps.  At the very top, I felt weak and nearly pukey until a guy --youngish, college type-- was all, yeah, I do this workout in the morning, tough, isn't it?  I had to shoot him a scornful vibe, like, oh, heck, this is easy-peasey, and toughen up.  I had to be all Nike ad and pose my way to the next (short) downhill stretch.  The next uphills truly did nearly make me puke, and as I neared Market again, and the Y, the crossing gods made all lights green, WALK!-- and I wanted to curse the gods, because damn it all, I needed a break-- instead, I had to sprint to make  lights, and in the presence of cars and Y members.  I needed, once again, to be all Nike-pose like in all my stocky, flabby-ish glory.  By the time I reached the church, I very nearly needed, once again, to puke. 

And yet, it was a glorious feeling, as good as meeting and chatting with good friends Chickadee and new good friend Herather as our wee ones giggled together.

Today I accompanied The Kid's class to the Zoo.  As I needed to go back early-ish to help on a school project for Field Day, I drove, and so was designated "Bringer of all the lunches."  Parking was Hell.  The lunches were heavy.  I had to hike in, renew my membership (panting and sweating) only to realize the damned coupon I needed to use was in the car.  Running back (up stairs, up hill) I remembered the previous day's workout.  

Ow. Quit it.

Running back, I was able to rest, only not so much-- there were the kids.  And there were the lunches to schlep to their ultimate destination. (down stairs, big load: not fun.) FInally, nearing the kids once again, having taken the wrong, long road, I remembered The Vital Element: coffee.  WIth lunches.  (damn.)  --running back down, running back up.  Sweating profusely.  Walking all day.

DO I regret my lovely glasses of Rosewood wine and blackened salmon chicken caesar salad?  Do I regret not having gym time today?  

Oh, heck no.

As of this moment, it's all good :D

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by Erik on 6/4/2008 @ 5:28pm
DO I regret my lovely glasses of Rosewood wine and blackened salmon chicken caesar salad? Do I regret not having gym time today?

Great posts. However, I must admit I first scan them quickly for a wine reference. You did not disappoint. :)

by jcbetty on 6/4/2008 @ 6:44pm

--Barry's got a new Syrah coming that's like the party girl you'll marry someday, tart and a bit shallow, at first sip, and then with that slow intrigue building as you get to know her. French vintner, Northwest grape. Holy Jesus, was it good. (and yeah, bought the customary T3, too.)

by Heather on 6/6/2008 @ 3:44pm
oooh. I hope Barry has that Syrah tonight. I'm meeting my babygirlfriends there tonight for dinner. I'm so needing an evening at the Rosewood. Anyone know the owner of that Chrysler I crunched across from Wright Park? Damn VW - reverse is so frickin close to 1st. The hill was so steep, the spot so tight, and my nerves not of steel. I left my insurance info and phone number - I'm waiting, oh so anxiously, for the phone call. Like I said, I'm needing a glass of lovely Syrah at Rosewood.

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 3:54pm
Ew, ho not fun for you, Heather!! Sounds like an un-lovely afternoon needing a spot of loveliness (just the kind that Barry and Co provide...)


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