Girlfriend in Tacoma

May. 4, 2008 at 11:15pm

All's well...

(is it?)

had a corrective emotional experience kind of day, all around, with deific entities Ensie and Frinklin stepping in to watch the kid as I stepped out, running through an amazingly bright, floral-colorful, warm neighborhood to a freshened-up Wright Park, and back.  The sweat was as good as feeling the support of good friends; then kid and I washed the car at the Sprague brushless car wash  (I swear it's the best clean!!)  --and then I had the inenviable situation thrust on me, do I back out of UPS Circus?  Or back out of long-time-ago-friend playdate, last minute "yeah, we can" confirmation (coming 3 hours after the invitation)?

Playdate, it was, and the girlies played happily while I mowed my yard, squelching through stealth piles of poop in my faux Crocs, sweating and muscling through bag changes and swearing; then I pulled more weeds than I thought I would have, and then cleaned and vacuumed interiors of cars.  Hungry kids were fed, floors were swept, man called,  parents came for pickup, kids bathed off moon-mud cornstarch dust off bodies, kid went home, My kid became sad.  She wrote her dad a letter "I miss you.  I haven't bin so well without you."  She double framed the word "tumy" and ended the letter there, crying on my lap that she forgot what daddy looked like.

I tried not to cry as I pulled up a picture on my laptop.

She cried more.

We read the first two chapters in last book of the Spiderwick Chronicles, she fell asleep peacefully.

Good day?  I still think so.

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by KevinFreitas on 5/5/2008 @ 6:50am
Cassio and I are absolutely up for babysitting, too. Just let us know!

I'm going to have to try out that carwash too. My rig is pretty filthy. Driving through the puddle filled potholes in our alley makes it look like I'm an off-road rally master. Thanks for the recommend!

by cassioposa on 5/5/2008 @ 10:56am
Definitely still a good day. It's really touching to read/observe how you and the kid support one another. Your honesty about everything and your family dynamics make you a role model in parenthood in my eyes.

And to echo Kevin, I'd be happy to babysit anytime you need to take care of things/go on a run/relax. I could use the time to have some informal piano lessons with her, if she/you would be up for it. I'd love an excuse to sit down at the piano more often.


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