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Feb. 29, 2008 at 11:06am

another sunny day in paradise

(I hear clouds are on the way.)

Kid got to school today, I have a doctor's appointment at 1:30 (my first one with this particular doctor, and I'm nervous about that as well as being nervous about how to navigate the whole St Joes office building plus parking garage mess...) and  I also have an errand to run for a friend.  I should get this thing going.  I'm feeling decidedly glad this is the last day in February, decidedly tired in general, and decidedly tired of being tired, though decidedly excited to be glad about something.

The morning has been gloriously "Tacoma when it's about to be Spring", though, which makes me happy: anytime the mountains appear partially through the clouds, shrouded both in snow and mist, with blue skies melding into fog and layers of clouds, and with trees alive with the sounds of music (tweet, tweet!) well, I can't be too glum and ho-hum.  I think I want to run, though.  I want to be rid of this headache.  I want to feel great again.

I started a new blog, too, one to be spent more in the dark side, less Tacoma-centric, that'll sort of cover the whole "Man going to War" thing.  It can be found here:  though I'm still pretty clueless as to what I'm doing as far as blogrolls, etceteras and als...  Mostly, there's just stuff I need to get off my chest that might be more personal while being less personal; more specific while being less specific.  Really, it's just a way, I guess, of working through some sort of multiple personality disorder issues.  Or something.

Will try to blog something fun here, soon.  

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