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Jul. 25, 2008 at 6:36pm

can I get a little wine with this whine?


Despite the choir of angels striking up a triumphant chord at the arrival of my new power cord, the overall mood of the day has been harried.

We're doing a not-Birthday party for the kid on Sunday, including rental of The Bounce House to End All Bounce Houses, and I've got about a gajillion things left to do, to include the minute but big (clean gerbil cage, muy stinky) to the big but minute (clean clean clean, down to every last mote of dust)  not to mention things like candy for the pinata, mowing the lawn and picking up canine land mines, and baking caterpillar cupcakes -- Add to that an all-day commitment that has me doing Vashon Island for the day, tomorrow, and then throw in that pesky little thing called a day job and it's a wonder I have any hair left.

Most irritating: The Kid, for whom this whole shebang is being orchestrated.  As we buy items for the gift bags, not quite knowing exactly guests we'll have (gah, the non-RSVP thing is kinda' irritating-- etiquette, people; common etiquette!) the kid wants to know if she'll have a gift bag.  No, it's your party.  You're having guests.  "that's not fair," she whines.  And then there's the "can we go to Odyssey? " whine.  No, we're having a party.  "Can we go to Chuck E CHeese?"  No, we're having a party.  Or, my all-time favorite, "I'm bored" as I run around like a headless chook to ensure that she's going to have a fun day to celebrate herself (or is it, to ensure I'll have a stress-free day?) 

Thing is, the original idea of having a celebration this weekend was to a. celebrate her birthday in a party, since she never got a birthday party (it's hard, having a day-after-Christmas Birthday) and b., for both of us to celebrate 100 days of "I am woman, hear me roar"-dom, surviving as a dynamic duo while her dad languishes in the other Vegas.

So, when do I get a break?

Hopefully, tonight.  I'm dropping off the kid at her g-ma's, interviewing a person, and then popping in to the new Cork! to have a sip.  (and then it's home again, nose to the grindstone, to ensure a happy Sunday.)  (OY.)

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