Girlfriend in Tacoma

Feb. 11, 2008 at 9:43pm

celebrating the big three-nine

(feeling grumpy.)

So we decided to take the kid to Crystal Mountain with us tomorrow, she'll skip school, Oh, Happy Day!  We discover it's going to rain on the mountain tomorrow.  I'm beginning to feel a sense of less-than-heartfelt-joy.

The kid and her dad, upon getting the car from repairs (and after many whispered conversations,) went shopping as I took the other car home. I stopped at Safeway. I got filet mignon, I got fabric softener. I got Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin. I made a balsamic/ extra virgin olive oil/ dijon mustard dressing that thickened to the perfect consistency, and felt a sense of peace and accomplishment.  Life was... nice.

Kid and dad got home, we ate, all was happy happy (except for kid, interrupting every 2.5 milliseconds, ESPECIALLY when her dad and I were involved in important conversation) and then, whispered conversation betwixt the two of them, "ya wanna celebrate your birthday now?" asks kid, excited.

Of course, I say.

Out comes package one.  Tinkerbell bag, uber-fancy, kid asks if she can have it.  Of course, I say.  In it: two floral balloons on straws, a bag of Hawaiian potato chips, a gap giftcard from Safeway.

I have to admit, the latter excites me. 

Thanks! I say, we have cake with symbolic ballet-class candles (yellow and purple are the teachers, the other ones are the class, she informs me), and all is well. It's white cake, fluffy, moist.

But wait! there's one more gift! much hubbub ensues, and out comes a "huge" thing.  It's a robe, micro-fleece type, sized too big for me, and I have to act delighted.  MMMM, looks warm and cozy, I say, I LOVE warm and cozy! 

Kid tells me, I got it for you because it's golden and lovely, and you don't have anything golden and lovely.  Good choice, I say, with sincere gratitude, and I put it on with much excitement.

I try to ignore the interior fleece balling up-- what, has it been returned, hence the $17 sale sticker? There are chunks of the exterior fleece falling out.  I try to pick out the most obvious, so as I stroke the nice soft arms, I don't create snow.

Just wash it, the man tells me. He's irritated.  She picked it out for you, he says.  I was hoping to find inspiration, and I didn't, and the kid was excited about this, he says.

I want to be snarky, and say, well, I suspect Kmart might have been the wrong place to look for inspiration.  I nod, sympathetically, and say, yeah well, REI always works for me (I've bought many a desperation gift there, for him.)

He says, yeah, well, I haven't really had alot of time. 

And he hasn't, he's been out of town, he's been on drill, he's been tasked for war.  I get it.  I don't expect miracles.  I know the gifts chosen have significance-- the potato chips are supposed to remind me of Maui.  The balloons are cool and celebratory. The robe is a golden, fluffy mound of joy, cloaking me in a resplendence fit for a queen.

I'm moved, I'm grateful.

But they're things, and inadequate things for the feelings I'm feeling.  I need information, I need answers, I need rain-free groomed runs on my birthday, for Christ's sake.  I need something that's unadulterated happiness right now.

and a Kmart robe ain't cuttin' it.

(but I appreciate the efforts.)

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by jcbetty on 2/11/2008 @ 10:15pm
just to make me happier right now: my back has broken out in hives, as I sit snuggled in The Robe.


by tacomachickadee on 2/12/2008 @ 6:51am
No way! Well, happy birthday sweetie ... know that you're loved and beloved and we'll all chuckle much and toast to you tomorrow.

I used to have annual horrible birthdays, until I decided that the only thing that counted for my birthday (and I make birthdays last a week or two when necessary due to schedules), was doing something that made me happy. Because as much as I'd like the hubby and kids to read my mind, they can't. (Dammit.) So now I pick things that make me happy and make them happen. And it's glorious.

So don't forget! Especially for the big 3-9 ... you can have a week, or two!, to celebrate ... I wish you a balmy February day for a blissful run ... or whatever else makes you happy.


by KevinFreitas on 2/12/2008 @ 7:21am
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day/week! Though I'm not a member of the COLMW it's been fun getting to know you a bit via your fab writing. Cheers!

by jenyum on 2/12/2008 @ 7:58am
Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Maybe you can collect all that fluff and felt it or something crafty like that ;)

I agree with chickadee, do something for you.

by cassioposa on 2/12/2008 @ 9:12am
Happy Birthday Jessica!

Very sweet intentions, obviously, and I totally understand how you feel. We're certainly here for you if you need help with ideas on how to celebrate and spoil yourself a little bit.

by ensie on 2/12/2008 @ 10:27am
Happy birthday!!!

You deserve great things in your upcoming year! Bummer that the, uh, gifts don't live up to the awesome person, but I hope that things will only get better from here.

by izenmania on 2/12/2008 @ 11:17am
I alternate between being a pretty good gift giver and a... not so much. I'll be sure to add K-Mart to my gift shopping no-go list, though.

Happy birthday, dude. Don't let The Man get you down. Or something.

by jcbetty on 2/12/2008 @ 3:03pm
man, I can be a whiner.
sorry for the mizzy-blah post (mizzy=anglo for miserable) --I'm better now--

and thanks so much for the wonderful b-day greetings. Typically, I sort myself out and have a "me celebrating me" sort of time, but things got a bit... much in the last several days.

And YET, as it turned out,the mountain was splendiferous, sunny, groomed but soft-- a fabulous carving day with no lines and not many people (much camo, however.) the kid got a mostly private lesson- she and another kid shared a teacher, and she moved up to the lift from the bunny hill, so we were a stoked & happy family.

I have much to be happy about, and many good things making this a very happy birthday-- present company of virtual friends gratefully included :)

by izenmania on 2/12/2008 @ 3:11pm
As long as it didn't turn out the way my first (and last) ski trip did, I call it a win.

(Hint: it was also my first (and last, thus far) ride in an ambulance)

by jcbetty on 2/12/2008 @ 3:26pm
I had a ride down Crystal in an ambulance, too! Strapped in a backboard while I had to pee like a racehorse. Not pleasant. Oh, and the ambulance got stuck in the snow and they had to jump on it and push it. Fun times. That was, like, 7 years ago, though, after belly-flopping into the ice after catching an edge on ice. Fun, fun memories. (yes, today was better :) (you should try it again, it really is fun...)

(btw-- is that a Lawrence of Arabia 'do rag you've made of your trousers, I keep meaning to ask you about that...)

by izenmania on 2/12/2008 @ 3:46pm
Nah, it's really just hastily applied pants-on-my-head.

I'm pretty sure there was a reason for that picture. Probably not a very good one, though.

Anyway, yeah, we took a company ski trip in December 2006, and I did a nice little flip and landed on my head. Fortunately right behind me were two ER nurses on their day off, so one clamped down on my head and the other got the ski patrol. Got to spend about five hours on the back board as they had to wait for the ambulance to get up there, and then take me to Puyallup, and then wait for the two severe car crashes to get taken care of (they stuck me in the hallway while I waited. it was grand). Sprained neck, apparently.

by jcbetty on 2/12/2008 @ 7:10pm
yeah, I had whiplash, great fun. I was at the Enumclaw hospital. It's like ER, only sexier.

I think your experience trumps mine for "most Murphy's Law incidents in one incident."

If this is typical for you, maybe planting feet solidly on terra firma isn't a bad plan?

by tacomachickadee on 2/12/2008 @ 8:37pm
We MUST be kindred spirits ... I thought I was the only one to use words like splendiferous. People used to mock me for being a copy editor who made up words. :)

by izenmania on 2/12/2008 @ 10:17pm
I feel more at home here in the comments of GiT's blog every day...

I confess, I rarely say spendiferous. But I tend to make up my own superlatives wherever possible. Fantabulous, ricoculous, craptacular, funtastic, fantasterrific... also, [any noun]-tastic or -tacular will do: jazztastic, nerderrific, etc.

I studied some semantics for a bit (just for kicks), and the most useful thing I drew from it is this: any word is valid, as long as the listener understands what the speaker is communicating.

by tacomachickadee on 2/13/2008 @ 5:50am
Dude, oh Dude, fantabulous would be one of my other ones ... we are at home in these comments. Thanks for the semantics mini-lesson! I completely agree ... I've said it for years, but never new there was actual academic backing to what I simply felt must be true. Nice to know there's justification behind some of my insanity ... hee hee.

by izenmania on 2/13/2008 @ 8:50am
Well, that's what I got out of it, at least. But maybe I'm wrong :D.

Really, though... the only point of language is to get thoughts from one brain into another brain. As long as you manage that, you're golden.

by jcbetty on 2/13/2008 @ 11:14am
"the only point of language is to get thoughts from one brain into another brain. As long as you manage that, you're golden."

Oh my god. That's the best thought, ever. Glad you feel at home, pull up a couch and a glass of wine adn stay a while.

Chickadee-- I have thought for a while now, were were the same person in different beings.
Craptacular, fabtastic, fantabulous, scrumilicious (combine scrum, short for Scrumptious, not that rugby meaning and delicious, obviously) are some of my fave words, though the Kid has a way of correcting me now that she's an adult kindergartener (the other day, I was trying to correct an erroneous comment she made, and she told me, NO, my teacher said that so it's true, and went on to tell me teachers are the smartest people, ever, b/c they went to school twice.


So... back to words... I love words, I love vocabulary, I love playing little word games (not the formalized ones like Scrabble or word hunt things) where I try to find the perfect word for a particular feeling or moment... Sometimes the word doesn't exist, though, so I get creative :) What's interesting (or, possibly, not) is that since I also speak Hungarian, I can sometimes think of better words than what we have (like, "buta" --say boo-tuh -- basically a thick, not too bright individual; the saying goes, "buta mint a liba" --dumb-ish like the goose" --BUT then get me translating English into Hungarian for my aunt, and I find millions of words I can't place Hungarian words to, so I have to, as I call it, "talk around the block." --it can get grim...)

aaak, I'm supposed to be running right now... see what happens when I "check my computer real quick" ??

by tacomachickadee on 2/13/2008 @ 11:34am
What about scrumdidiliumptious? :)

And my kid does the same ... sigh.

by izenmania on 2/13/2008 @ 11:43am
"NO, my teacher said that so it's true, and went on to tell me teachers are the smartest people, ever, b/c they went to school twice."

I don't think I ever had that problem. I was always correcting my teachers' spelling... my 2nd grade teacher got to the point where after she wrote anything on the board she would turn and look for my inevitable hand, pointing out a spelling mistake or, heaven forbid, a misplaced apostrophe.

by jcbetty on 2/13/2008 @ 12:32pm
heee. NO wonder you had the No Fear shirt and Harry Potter glasses. (I give my kid... a year to get disenchanted with "teacher (and parent) as smartest person on the planet." --soon, I suspect, she'll realize she knows everything all on her own, and I suspect she'll let me know that on no uncertain terms...

chick-ee (or should that be chick'ee?) --yep, yep, yep, and ...sighing in agreement.


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