Girlfriend in Tacoma

Feb. 23, 2008 at 4:35pm

cell hell


have lost cell.  and all numbers contained within. is muchas bad.  tres mal. (or something.)

add to woes: cough has returned, with tentacles, siblings, children, and friends.  and a headache.  forking hell, man.

But the sun is out in Tacoma.  it is glorious, and amazing, and enjoying wine in our special seats (window "bar") at the Rosewood watching all the Proctor-ites walking by.... ahhh, it's good.

(still.  need.  phone.)

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by tacomachickadee on 2/23/2008 @ 4:44pm
Ooh ... sounds like my sick world, but without the lost cell. And wine doesn't sound good at the moment.

by ensie on 2/23/2008 @ 5:10pm
That blows. I haven't lost my cell, but I've, ahem...mysteriously, er, had one stop working on me (as far as my work knows). It may or may not have fallen into my cereal bowl full of milk moments before it mysteriously stopped working.

I hope you are feeling better soon. It's questionable as to weather it's better to be sick with nice weather or sick with crappy weather. Sometimes it's nice to know that everyone is suffering along with you, trapped inside staring at the crappy weather. But I have to say that the gorgeous early-Spring-like sunshine is welcome at the moment.

by jenyum on 2/23/2008 @ 8:23pm
I'm so sorry teh sick has returned. This happened to Jason also, and this time it only lasted 2 days. So, hopefully this is just one last grab by the Blogger Death Flu and you'll be back up and running tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't get to experience Flu 2, the Sequel, since Flu 1 just about did me in.

On the subject of wine, A. just announced to all of Target tonight: MOMMY, WHY DO YOU LIKE WINE *SO MUCH*? IT HAS ALCOHOL!!

that's right, mommy's a wino, spread the news...

by jcbetty on 2/23/2008 @ 10:25pm
would laugh at responses, but laughter might trigger cough fit. would be bad.
chicka-D ---- if wine's not sounding good, see doc. you may be muy mal.
ensie--mmm.... cell cereal. can't say I've done exactly that, though I have done toilet, and Puget Sound at Seattle party boat terminal (calling sitter before Oceanography class field trip, no less.) Have muhc enjoyed sick plus sun, though, I must say...
jen--I hope, hope, HOPE, mine is a two day return (though I suspect I've out two-dayed that...) (she says, sneezing on her screen- anyone know the best way to clean a laptop screen?)
And Jen--gotta say, I laughed and coughed at As comment, in light of my own As comment today at the Rosewood, "can I have a sip of that?" (after I mmmmm-ed a fab zin) me: "no, you can taste when you're 18, and drink at 21." her, loud, "NO FAIR!!"

(heh. welcome to the world, little dove...)

by AP on 2/24/2008 @ 8:51am
I have not discovered a best way to clean a laptop screen after many attempts. Nothing works quite to my liking. This is a very important question, so I wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in the shuffle here.

I used some sort of wet wipes designed for cleaning eyeglasses, computer screens, etc. (from Costco) the past two times, and although they did a pretty good job, I still see a bunch of junk on the screen when I get just the right angle of light and reflection.

Somebody must know something..

by tacomachickadee on 2/24/2008 @ 9:20am
jcbetty: ha ha. Feelin' better. I think I must have the 2-day-ish thing. I love Dayquil/Nyquil. They've kept me functional ...

by AP on 2/24/2008 @ 10:48am
I don't really want to start a new topic for this...

Kevin Freitas' number is not in my cell phone, so this could be construed as a tangent of the "cell hell" thread, right?

I just spotted Mr. Freitas at the intersection of N 30th & Orchard. Kev, I assume you were out fetching breakfast like I was?

by izenmania on 2/24/2008 @ 11:47am
My family has a fine tradition of dropping phones in toilets...

by jcbetty on 2/24/2008 @ 12:29pm
glad to hear it, Chickadee-- I just went out and got homeopathic crap, plus took Tylenol cold, plus Motrin... feel like poop that's been rained on and heated up. Bah.
AP-yeah, it's that streaky stuff that drives me CRAZY! --and yet... what to do?? (Ooooh, KFrei sightings! fun!)
Izen-- a whole family? There's something kida' eerie about that...

by izenmania on 2/24/2008 @ 2:38pm
Well, not really. But my dad did it once, and then I did it, so I call it a tradition to cover the fact that I was just an idiot who dropped his phone in the toilet.

by jcbetty on 2/24/2008 @ 5:42pm
heh. an idiot who dropped his phone in the toto whose dad did the exact same thing.

That's called funny!

by KevinFreitas on 2/24/2008 @ 9:41pm
I just spotted Mr. Freitas at the intersection of N 30th & Orchard.

Ah! I've been sighted. To be honest, I found your house Friday night on my way driving to and from dinner. Saw your car where you described. Now who's watching whom, hmm? ;)

I'll email you my cell in case this sort of sighting happens again. Mr. In-Tacoma texted me upon my first visit to Herban Cafe 'cause he was sitting across the street enjoying some Indian food.

by izenmania on 2/24/2008 @ 11:36pm
Well, as long as I get the laugh.

by jcbetty on 2/25/2008 @ 6:51am
okay, the mutual stalkings are kind of funny,'s like a virtual non meet-up, or virtually a non meet-up, or something.
Yes, yes, Izen-- you got the laugh :D

by AP on 2/25/2008 @ 9:20am
Automobile laser tag may be appropriate soon.


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