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Aug. 2, 2008 at 10:42pm


(a grand day out.)

we got an evite to a barbecue, the kid and I.  We've mostly been hermits, like when we got into PJs at 5:30 pm yesterday.  Not alot of fun happenin', here.  So...BBQ?  Rock on!!  

I've never been to Dash Point.  I know, crazy,  from one who's lived in the area (loosely speaking, between Lakewood and Pt Defiance-ish,) since 1974-- mostly, traveling North means, Seattle.  Or, the airport.  

At any rate, we set out, and discovered that, while the trip was slightly longer than I had anticipated it would be, there was plenty that reminded me of how similar my familiar spots are to those "up north."

For one, the drive into the park was similar to the five mile drive at Pt D; similar, also, to the drive to Owen's Beach.  The beach itself was similar to the beaches I roamed in Titlow, as we wandered.  The skim-boarding spots reminded me of the area between UP and Steilacoom, where I've often seen skim boarders frolicking for the last, I dunno, 20 years.  That was where we used to mountain bike (until we discovered how short the trail was) and where I discovered how connected that little patch of skim board/trail heaven was to the neighborhood where I grew up, the same neighborhood where other publishing notables grew up, the same neighborhood where bloggers settled in for a childhood long winter's nap.

So as we walked the beach, the Stowe family, Mandiferous, the kid, and I, I spotted, there in the distance...Pt D.  It was a cool feeling, to see the 'hood, the park, the spot where I feel at home, from the spot we view nightly as the sun sets.  The kid was probably unimpressed, but acted as though she thought it was cool.

Later noting, that Mrs Stowe graduated from the school I considered my arch rival school, only three years after me (and also noting, that she knew my name from work I had done, earlier in the year); noting, that Dawntown's predecessor's current job puts her across the hall from where I received my first degree ,daily; noting, that we all have this internetty bloggy thing in common, one way or all made me feel a weird sort of whole.

And then, it sort of drove home (as I drove home), as much as you feel like you've left "home", you never do. 

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