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Apr. 7, 2008 at 5:31pm

days of wine and Rosewood...

(then add a dash of frustration)

Monday.  Kid's first day back to school.  My first day running more than five miles since possibly Maui, though whilst there I was low-stress, never clock miles-y.  The sky was grey one second, blue the next.  As a SAHM of a two year old, I called this weather "toddler weather" because it was as changeable as my kid.  Now, it's kinda' the same, as we both have freaky hormonal (though more war than hormone induced) mood swings and so.... here we are... me happy-ish, her happy-ish, weather crappy-ish.... "Let's have a Rosewood treat!"  

Monday--$5 wine, windows, Proctor, kids meals, crayons... is any of this not a win/win/win???

I had a garden salad, big, fresh, lovely, flavorful, with basil and onions and croutons bursting with counterpoints of BLAST! -to the veggies' mmmm, yeah, 'sup.  Kid had grilled cheese, all eaten, and fruit, mostly devoured.  I had a Morro Bay Cab, per Barry Blue-eyes' suggestions, man, oh, man, was it fab, how can you not (pardon me Dr Seuss) love a fab cab???  AND a generous pour, and all for a reasonable cost? (the entire afternoon, plus bottle of T3, cost $40, after generous-ish tip.)

Yeah, I was lovin' the buzz.  I was happy, happy, happy.  

Now, home.  Helping kindergarten kid with power point of trip, first ever power point in Mac.  God help me, more wine help me, cyber, virtual, and real communitie help me, HOW THE HECK do I put in images so that they're not, like, five feet by six feet?

AND WHY THE HELL am I so tech-stupid about such matters?  (rhetorical, that last question...)

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by Erik on 4/7/2008 @ 9:15pm

Great post.

Monday--$5 wine, windows, Proctor, kids meals, crayons... is any of this not a win/win/win???

I go to Rosewood Cafe more than any restaurant in Tacoma. A big factor certainly is that it is within walking distance.

Kid Friendly

The kids meals are $2.50 each and hand crafted and healthy. One usually ends up paying 5 or 6 at least.

Although "kid friendly," people keep their child in control so it doesn't feel like the McDonald play land.

The Wine

... plus bottle of T3, cost $40, after generous-ish tip.

Wow. You went first class.

The house red is $5.00 a glass usually. However, it isn't the cheap slurry one finds at the grease pits at strip malls. It is typically a good bargain Spanish wine or Argentina wine. Sometimes a Malbec.

They do have a slew of better wines there as well.

As you know, they serve the wine in a fishbowl like wine glass with generous pour. Basically a double pour. Hard to justify buying a bottle. But I don't think T3 is sold by the glass so I see why you did it.

The Menu

Limited Menu. I often order the Salmon over greens which is delicious and healthy. $11. The hand made Pot Pies are $9.00.

Rosewood Cafe has slowly and surely started a following. Now they are full most of the time 7 days a week. They found a significant part of the Tacoma food market: inexpensive, a bit upscale, clean, fresh and healthy.

by Heather on 4/8/2008 @ 4:21pm
Oh, and in summer, glorious summer, we get to sit out front on that sidewalk! Then it is glorious win/win/win!

Often, when I'm tempted to do fast food for lunch, I stop in at the Rosewood and have a sandwich, a bit of slaw, and a glass of ice water. All in a truly lovely environment for about the same price as a gutbuster burger, fries, and soda. As a bonus, I don't have to throw away any fast food packaging and I might get to chat with Barry for a few minutes.

It is one of my favorite places to meet a friend for a bite and a glass of wine and I do so as often as possible. Actually, after this, I might scrap my dinner at home/trip to the gym plans and head over to Rosewood for the brie plate and a glass of Malbec.

by jcbetty on 4/9/2008 @ 6:09pm
mmmmmmmmm...y'all are making me nostalgic happy, feeling like....mmmmm. Heather: I need to meet you, you so sound like a "me" --Ab ( the kid) and I have been like that, using Rosewood as a treat; as a family, we've been like that, using Rosewood as a fun excursion, and we've been like that, using the Rosewood as a place to hang out in the sun, eating, sipping, and being, happily!!!! --Eric: yeah!! What you said!! I think the key to the Rosewood is recognizing: #1 this is not haute cuisine. this is basic, good, filling, community friendly good, stuff. and #2 Don't go in as a group of, like, 12, (without prior notice.) --it's a neighborhood friendly, happy, restaurant. It's not Red Robin, thank Dieties above...


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