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Jan. 1, 2008 at 12:10pm

A Different Kind of First Night

(what the tragically unhip did last night.)

By about 5 p.m., the man and I hit ambivalence overload.

"whattya wanna do tonight?" he asked.

"I want to go to First Night," I say, dressed in my sweaty dirty clothes that I'd been housecleaning and de-Christmassing in since 7:30 a.m.

He notes the wardrobe and says, "really?"

Hell, no, I think, since I can barely, just barely keep my eyes open, thanks to a tossing turning fretting crap-sleepy night and long-working day (fell asleep, 10 p.m., woke up, 1:30, not to fall asleep again til 3:30, only to be awakened by his alarm clock, 4:45, and then by the kid, 5:30; gave up all attempts at sleeping at 7, as I knew I'd be doing an interview-ish thing at my home in the afternoon and wasn't keen on being mortified by a hell-pit home.) 

"Yes, I wanna do First Night, it'll be fun.  I'll shower and change after I make dinner."  One dismal chicken and brown rice meal later, I think--"or not," as I go downstairs to finish my Last Task of the Day (organizing piles and piles of paperwork and mail and magazines and newspapers and schoolwork since September and priceless kindergarten art)-- no, the PaperPalooza wasn't the issue, it was getting sucked into Project Runway that was my eventual First Night "wanna go out" undoing.

Then our good friends came over to help us toast and we watched Step Into Liquid and stayed up entirely later than we ever intended to, and had a divine time connecting with people who matter to us, while the kid slept peacefully. Later, I had a good snuggle with kid and two dogs in her bed, though once again the length of my sleep time was compromised by puppies vying for the best position and then her 7 a.m. happy chipper wake-up (which, I guarantee, won't be happening when school begins.)-- It was all worthwhile, though, feeling the warmth of puppy love and 6 year old ankles, knees and elbows digging into my fleshy parts.

And no, PaperPalooza is still not completely complete; it's getting to where, rather than several mountain ranges, I have, like, a raised relief map of the Cascades rendered in various ephemera; I will tackle said pile now, place into file folders and organized files, run five miles, and Breathe In a contended breath in my clean, organized home.

Om, namaste, and Happy New Beginnings!

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