Girlfriend in Tacoma

Aug. 26, 2008 at 8:17pm

dih dih duh doo doo, feelin' grump-eeeee...


no point, just a grumpified day of grumpy grumping. Today I went back to that house-cleaning, list-making, nothing-accomplishing mode of being that happened about in June, and it was kind of scary.  Not, like, take my breath away and make me squeal, but, like, dude.  Meh.  Gah.  Bah.  Farrrrgh.   Blablech, and fuchkch.  (the last bit courtesy of the fact that FM did not have my lost keys.  Never mind the F bomb euphemistic formalities, this is all about grumpy grumpishness,dammit, which is all about a lack of consonant articulation.)


tomorrow is another day,

better, I hope.

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by chrism39 on 8/26/2008 @ 8:28pm
There are only 8 days till school. Yippee, focus on that and maybe that will make you feel better.

by Erik on 8/26/2008 @ 8:53pm
You have been really blogging up a storm in the last week "Girlfriend in Tacoma."

Yesterday, you wrote over 1300 words alone dominating the blogosphere. Pretty impressive. Enjoying your coffee?

by Erik on 8/26/2008 @ 9:15pm
(not sure if you broke Adam's posting record though)

by jcbetty on 8/27/2008 @ 1:18pm
heh. I've actually been out of coffee. --pretty impressive word counting there, maybe if divorce law doesn't do it for you, accounting can be a side gig? ;)


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